[Elsnet-list] Two funded PhD studentship at OGI in Portland, Oregon

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Thu Dec 28 22:10:05 CET 2006

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                OGI School of Science & Engineering
       Department of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering
         Center for Speech and Language Understanding (CSLU)
                Oregon Health & Science University
                       Portland, Oregon, USA

   Graduate Research Assistantship in Speech and Language Processing

The Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering has two graduate
research assistantships for doctoral work in speech and language processing. 
CSLU conducts research and provides graduate education in computational 
linguistics, speech recognition, speech synthesis, language modeling, and 
speech signal processing. The center is unique in nurturing collaboration 
with medical researchers aimed at tackling new speech and language based 
diagnostic, remedial, and assistive technologies, primarily for 
neuro-developmental and neuro-degenerative disorders. Building these 
technologies not only benefits society directly, but also generates exciting 
new challenges that are becoming drivers for our basic research. Naturally, 
the assistantships will provide exposure and opportunity to delve into these 
interests. The relevant research spans two groups in the CSEE department - 
the speech group (CSLU) and the machine learning group (Adaptive Systems 
Group), consisting of eight faculty members.

There are excellent opportunities for publications and conference 
presentations. The group hosts adequate computational facilities. Candidates 
must have a good first degree in a relevant discipline and preferably have a 
higher degree or equivalent experience. Knowledge of Unix type operating 
systems and programming in C/C++ is required. In addition, experience in one 
or more of the following technical areas would be a distinct advantage:

* Acoustic modeling for automatic speech recognition
* Machine learning or Statistical pattern processing

OGI campus is located in the outskirts of the city of Portland in Oregon, 
which is consistently ranked high for the quality of life it offers. A few 
relevant pointers are included below and additional enquiries may be directed
to Dr Zak Shafran, http://www.cslu.ogi.edu/people/zak.

Application Procedure
Faculty Interests
Course offerings

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