[Elsnet-list] ILLC Research Reports and Technical Notes 2006

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Sun Dec 31 23:00:04 CET 2006

ILLC Scientific Publications

This document contains the titles of the reports that were published
by the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) this year.
All ILLC reports are available from the ILLC bureau:

       ILLC Bureau
       University of Amsterdam
       Plantage Muidergracht 24
       NL-1018 TV Amsterdam
       The Netherlands

Many reports are also electronically available,
 by WWW at http://www.illc.uva.nl/Publications and
 or FTP at ftp://ftp.science.uva.nl/pub/theory/illc/researchreports/
The ILLC bureau may be contacted by email, at illc at science.uva.nl

Reports are numbered Series-Year-Number, where `Series' is one of 
  PP = Prepublication Series
  MoL = Master of Logic Thesis


Report PP-2006-01
Title: Monotonic Concession Protocols for Multilateral Negotiation
Author: Ulle Endriss

Report PP-2006-02
Title: Acts of Commanding and Changing Obligations
Author: Tomoyuki Yamada

Report PP-2006-03
Title: Optimality Theoretic Pragmatics and the Explicature/Implicature 
Author: Reinhard Blutner

Report PP-2006-04
Title: $\Pi o\hat{\imath}o\nu \; \tau \grave{o}\nu\; 
\mu\hat{\upsilon}\theta o\nu\; 
\imath\pi\epsilon\varsigma;$ Rhetorical Questions in Ancient Greek
Author: Evert van Emde Boas

Report PP-2006-05
Title: Canonical Measure Assignments
Author: Steve Jackson, Benedikt L\"owe

Report PP-2006-06
Title: A New Modal Lindstr\"om Theorem
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2006-07
Title: Information as Correlation versus Information as Range
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2006-08
Title: Modal Logics of Space
Author: Guram Bezhanishvili, Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2006-09
Title: Descriptions and cardinals below $\delta^1_5$
Author: Steve Jackson, Farid Khafizov

Report PP-2006-10
Title: The Extent of Constructive Game Labellings
Author: Benedikt L\"owe, Brian Semmes

Report PP-2006-11
Title: Dynamic Logic of Belief Revision
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2006-12
Title: Projective absoluteness under Sacks forcing
Author: Daisuke Ikegami

Report PP-2006-13
Title: Set Theory of Infinite Imperfect Information Games
Author: Benedikt L\"owe

Report PP-2006-14
Title: Revision Forever!
Author: Benedikt L\"owe

Report PP-2006-15
Title: Tractable Negotiation in Tree-structured Domains
Author: Yann Chevaleyre, Ulle Endriss, Nicolas Maudet

Report PP-2006-16
Title: How Equitable is Rational Negotiation?
Author: Sylvia Estivie, Yann Chevaleyre, Ulle Endriss, Nicolas Maudet

Report PP-2006-17
Title: Expressive Power of Weighted Propositional Formulas for Cardinal 
Preference Modelling
Author: Yann Chevaleyre, Ulle Endriss, J\'er\^ome Lang

Report PP-2006-18
Title: The Complexity of Scotland Yard
Author: Merlijn Sevenster

Report PP-2006-19
Title: Exemplar-Based Linguistics: How to Get Productivity from Examples
Author: Rens Bod

Report PP-2006-20
Title: Towards a General Model of Applying Science
Author: Rens Bod

Report PP-2006-21
Title: Dynamic Update with Probabilities
Author: Johan van Benthem, Jelle Gerbrandy, Barteld Kooi

Report PP-2006-22
Title: Notions of Strong Compactness without the Axiom of Choice
Author: Vincent Kieftenbeld

Report PP-2006-23
Title: Multitape Games
Author: Brian Semmes

Report PP-2006-24
Title: A Game for the Borel Functions
Author: Brian Semmes

Report PP-2006-25
Title: Intuitionistic Logic
Author: Nick Bezhanishvili, Dick de Jongh

Report PP-2006-26
Title: Exploring the iterated update universe
Author: Tomasz Sadzik

Report PP-2006-27
Title: Space bounds for infinitary computation
Author: Benedikt L\"owe

Report PP-2006-28
Title: Some Comments on History Based Structures
Author: Eric Pacuit

Report PP-2006-29
Title: A Note on Some Explicit Modal Logics
Author: Eric Pacuit

Report PP-2006-30
Title: Modal Logic: A Semantic Perspective
Author: Johan van Benthem, Patrick Blackburn

Report PP-2006-31
Title: Partially ordered connectives and Sigma-1-1 on finite models
Author: Merlijn Sevenster, Tero Tulenheimo

Report PP-2006-32
Title: Henkin quantifiers: logic, games, and computation
Author: Merlijn Sevenster

Report PP-2006-33
Title: An abstract approach to reasoning about games with mistaken and 
changing beliefs
Author: Benedikt L\"owe, Eric Pacuit

Report PP-2006-34
Title: Commitment-Based Decision Making for Bounded Agents
Author: Olivier Roy

Report PP-2006-35
Title: Hintikka's Thesis Revisited
Author: Nina Gierasimczuk, Jakub Szymanik

Report PP-2006-36
Title: A note on some neuroimaging study of natural language quantifiers 
Author: Jakub Szymanik

Report PP-2006-37
Title: Diversity of Agents
Author: Fenrong Liu

Report PP-2006-38
Title: Optimality, Belief and Preference
Author: Dick de Jongh, Fenrong Liu

Report PP-2006-39
Title: Product Update and Looking Backward
Author: Audrey Yap

Report PP-2006-40
Title: Semantical bounds for everyday language
Author: Marcin Mostowski, Jakub Szymanik

Report PP-2006-41
Title: Preference Change and Information Processing
Author: Fenrong Liu

Report PP-2006-42
Title: Modal Logics of Negotiation and Preference
Author: Ulle Endriss, Eric Pacuit

Report PP-2006-43
Title: Multiagent Resource Allocation in k-additive Domains: Preference 
Representation and Complexity
Author: Yann Chevaleyre, Ulle Endriss, Sylvia Estivie, Nicolas Maudet

Report PP-2006-44
Title: The Tree of Knowledge in Action: Towards a Common Perspective
Author: Johan van Benthem, Eric Pacuit

Report PP-2006-45
Title: Dynamic logic of preference upgrade
Author: Johan van Benthem, Fenrong Liu

Report PP-2006-46
Title: Inaccessible Cardinals without the Axiom of Choice
Author: Andreas Blass, Ioanna M. Dimitriou, Benedikt Löwe

Report PP-2006-47
Title: Approaches to Independence Friendly Modal Logic
Author: Tero Tulenheimo, Merlijn Sevenster

Report PP-2006-48
Title: The Incompleteness Theorems, their content and their meaning
Author: Dick. de Jongh

Report PP-2006-49
Title: Computation as Conversation
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2006-50
Title: Reaching Envy-free States in Distributed Negotiation Settings
Author: Yann Chevaleyre, Ulle Endriss, Sylvia Estivie, Nicolas Maudet

Report PP-2006-51
Title: Bidding Languages and Winner Determination for Mixed Multi-unit 
Combinatorial Auctions
Author: Jesus Cerquides, Ulle Endriss, Andrea Giovannucci, Juan A. 

Report PP-2006-52
Title: The Problem of Learning the Semantics of Quantiers
Author: Nina Gierasimczuk

Report PP-2006-53
Title: Finite model theory for partially ordered connectives
Author: Merlijn Sevenster, Tero Tulenheimo

Report PP-2006-54
Title: Intentions and Plans in Decision and Game Theory
Author: Martin van Hees, Olivier Roy

Report PP-2006-55
Title: A Short Introduction to Computational Social Choice
Author: Yann Chevaleyre, Ulle Endriss, J\'er\^ome Lang and Nicolas Maudet

Report PP-2006-56
Title: Semantics for sub-intuitionistic logics
Author: Joost J. Joosten

Report PP-2006-57
Title: A classification of ordinal topologies
Author: Vincent Kieftenbeld, Benedikt L\"owe

Report PP-2006-58
Title: Abstract Models for Dialogue Protocols
Author: Raquel Fern\'andez, Ulle Endriss

Report MoL-2006-01
Title: Meaning and Form in Event Calculus
Author: Edgar Andrade

Report MoL-2006-02
Title: Understanding As A Teleonomical Concept: Fundamentals of the 
Hermeneutical game
Author: Dirk Buschbom

Report MoL-2006-03
Title: Strong limits and Inaccessibility with non-wellorderable powersets
Author: Ioanna Dimitriou

Report MoL-2006-04
Title: Link-Based Methods for Web Information Retrieval
Author: Clive Nettey

Report MoL-2006-05
Title: Indexed Semantics and Its Application in Modelling Interactive 
Author: Yanjing Wang

Report MoL-2006-06
Title: Classical and Quantum Algorithms for Finding Cycles
Author: Jill Cirasella

Report MoL-2006-07
Title: Accent and Focus in OT: a Cross-Linguistic Perspective
Author: Martin M\"uller

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