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Priscilla Rasmussen rasmusse at research.rutgers.edu
Thu Jan 5 21:16:06 CET 2006

Dear all,

Below please find CFP for the Third International Workshop on Language
Resources for Translation Work, Research & Training at LREC 2006.

Apologies for multiple posting.

Kyo Kageura
University of Tokyo,

             ****** Call for Papers ******
The Third International Workshop on Language Resources for 
Translation Work, Research & Training at LREC 2006

Paper submission deadline: Feb 3, 2006

- use of LRs in localisation and internationalisation technologies and
- interaction of LRs with other translation-related language
technologies, such
  as machine translation (MT) and automation of multilingual content
- alignment of research moves with industry/market requirements in
  to LR for transaltion and localisation
- use of LRs, especially annotated corpora, in the practices of
researchers in
  translation studies and professional translators
- integration of such practices into the training of future
- use of corpora in developent of reference materials for translators,
such as
  bilingual dictionaries, glossaries, term-banks and knowledge

For details, please refer to:

Welcome Message

We would like to welcome you to the third edition of the 
LR4Trans-III Workshop, which will be held in conjunction 
with the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference - LREC 2006.

The information below is aimed at providing you with the most 
important aspects around this event. Should you still have 
questions or need further details, please do not hesitate to 
contact the workshop chair by e-mail (please add as part of 
your message subject the queue 'LR4Trans-III'). Thanks for 
your interest!

The official website of the Workshop is:

date: 28th May 2006 - a date for your diary!

venue: Magazzini del Cotone Conference Center, Genoa, Italy.

workshop programme: it will not be ready until all submissions 
have been collected, peer-reviewed and carefully selected. Please 
keep checking out the menu item "news" at our website to get 
up-to-date information aobut this and other issues.

keynote speakers: please select the menu item "this edition" of
the website for an explanation about this. Nonetheless, the 
keynote speakers will be announced together with the programme 
in due course. Please bear with us.

workshop comittees: please refer to "this edition" as well.

workshop chair: Elia Yuste (e-mail: yuste AT ifi.unizh.ch)

target audience: we encourage participation from everyone 
interested in translation and localisation technologies, 
>From practicing translators to translator trainers, going 
through researchers in various interdisciplinary fields, 
ranging from computational linguistics, translation to 
corpus linguistics, terminology and multilingual technical 
documentation. We would be happy to have a more significant 
representation of industry and government agencies handling 
LR to satisfy their multilingual needs.

language: the workshop will be held in English only (of course, 
submissions may describe multilingual applications or initiatives 
handling other languages).

submissions: we will only accept electronic submissions, which 
will be uploaded using a remote conference administration system. 
For more information, please refer to the "Call for Papers" to 
be found in the "downloads" menu item of the website.

important dates (subject to slight changes):
- Deadline for workshop paper submission: 3rd February 2006
- Notification of Acceptance: 15th March 2006
- Paper Final Version for Workshop Proceedings: 3rd April 2006.

workshop resulting materials: please click on the menu item 
"downloads" of the website, which we will keep updating at 
due course.

sponsoring / support to attend the workshop from distant countries: 
we regret to inform you that unfortunately we do not have any 
means to support your attending the workshop. we would actually 
like to hear from sponsors interested in the event to order to be 
able to allow for that opportunity, even if it were at a reduced 

internal students willing to volunteer: please contact Elia Yuste 
if you wish to give us a hand. Thank you!

external colleagues and other interested parties: if you wish to 
be kept informed about future editions or initiatives related to 
this event, please do not hesitate to contact the workshop chair, 
ideally per e-mail (please write 'LR4Trans-III' in the subject 
line of your message). Many thanks!

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