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                   Terminology and Society

The impact of terminology on everyday life International Conference on Terminology

      Organised by NL-TERM and Lessius Hogeschool Antwerp

Antwerp (Belgium), 16 - 17 November 2006 Department of Translation and Interpreting 

Lessius Hogeschool

       with pre-conference workshops on 15 November 2006

Papers   are  invited  for  the  international  conference   on terminology  (16  -  17  November,  2006)  with  pre-conference workshops  on 15 November 2006. The conference is organised  by NL-TERM,  the  Dutch-Flemish Association for Dutch Terminology, in   collaboration  with  the  Department  of  Translation  and Interpreting of Lessius Hogeschool Antwerp.

The  2006 conference aims at contributing to the efforts of the European  Association for Terminology and  other  national  and international  organisations  to  create  platforms   for   the exchange of information on advances in terminology science  and applications.

The central  theme  of  the  conference  is  the  impact   of terminology   on  everyday  life,  and  terminology   needs   & practices.  

The  conference  will  bring  together  theory  and practice  -  and  thus  terminology  companies  and  government departments on the one hand and universities having terminology in  their curriculum on the other - and focus especially on the following topics

1.the importance of / best practices in terminology management, knowledge management & multilingual document production for such important society areas as business & services, industry, government, administration, health & human care, security, etc.

2.best practices for / projects of national terminology associations representing smaller languages and / or new EU member states whose objective it is to promote their own language as the language for specialised terminology; issues relating to language policy in this area

3.best practices in terminology teaching and training

4.uniformity  and standardisation across languages  of  the   terminology of translation and interpreting

Participation   is  open  to  terminologists,  terminographers, computer   specialists,  translators/  translation   companies, interpreters, teachers of terminology/terminography/translation/ interpreting, linguists, lexicographers, publishers, etc.


Contributions will be published in the form of proceedings.

Pre-conference workshops:

A pre-conference  workshop on the terminology  of  translation will be organised on Wednesday the 15th of November.


Programme Committee (more names to be included):

Donald Barabé (Canadian Government Translation Bureau)

Gerhard Budin (Universität Wien)

Georgeta Ciobanu (Univ. Politehnica Timisoara, Romania)

Rute Costa (President of EAFT - European Association for Terminology)

Martin Forstner (CIUTI -Conférence Internationale Permanente d'instituts Universitaires de Traducteurs et Interprètes)

Hannelore Lee-Jahnke (Training Committee of FIT - Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs)

Klaus-Dirk Schmitz (RadT - Rat für Deutschsprachige Terminologie & DEUTERM - Deutsches Informations- und Dokumentationszentrum für Terminologie) (Chairman of the Programme Committee) klaus.schmitz at fh-koeln.de <mailto:klaus.schmitz at fh-koeln.de> 

Frieda Steurs (Lessius Hogeschool Antwerp, Chair of Local     Organising Committee) Frieda.Steurs at lessius-ho.be

Marcel Thelen (NL-TERM and Department of Translation and Interpreting, Maastricht School of International Communication, Hogeschool Zuyd/University of Applied Sciences)

Hennie  van  der  Vliet (NL-TERM and Free  University  of Amsterdam)



Local Organising Committee:

Frieda Steurs (Chair) Frieda.Steurs at lessius-ho.be

Karen Foelen

Luc van Doorslaer

Winibert Segers

Henri Bloemen

Cornelia Wermuth

Hendrik Kockaert

Christine Gysen


Registration  for  the  conference is on Thursday  16  November 2006,  just prior to the opening ceremony. Participants  taking part  in  the  pre-conference  workshops  should  register   on Wednesday 15 November 2006.

Provisional programme:

The  official opening ceremony of the conference is on Thursday 16 November 2006.

Each lecture will last 30 minutes, followed by about 10 minutes of discussion.

The  programme  and  format  of the various  presentations  are dependent  on the number of participants attending and  may  be altered accordingly.

More information will follow in the second circular.

Working languages:

The working languages of the conference will be Dutch, English, French,   and  German.  Papers  may  be  given,  and  abstracts submitted,   in   any  of  these  languages.  There   will   be interpreting  facilities.  The pre-conference  workshop  is  in English.


Participants  wishing to submit a paper falling within  one  of the  categories  covered  by  the conference  (see  the  topics listed  above) are requested to send an abstract  by  31  March 2006  to  the  Chair  of  the Programme  Committee  (Klaus-Dirk Schmitz)  with  a  copy  to the Chair of the  Local  Organising Committee  (Frieda Steurs).Abstracts shall not  exceed  300-400 words,  shall be double-spaced and camera-ready, shall  contain the   title   of   the  paper,  name(s)/affiliation(s)/complete addresses of the author(s) and shall indicate the topic in  the top   right-hand   corner.  Authors  should  also   submit   an electronic  copy  of their abstract on a 3  1/2  inch  diskette (MSWindows 97 or higher).

The Programme Committee will reply in May 2006.

Deadline for abstracts:

31 March 2006


The  papers of the conference will be published in the form  of proceedings provided they have been submitted before  the  18th of  December  2006. These proceedings will be  published  after the  conference.  Authors will receive a style  guide  for  the preparation  of  a  camera-ready  version.  More  details  will follow in the third circular.

Conference venue:

The  conference  will be held at the Department of  Translation and Interpreting of Lessius Hogeschool in Antwerp:

Departement Vertaler-Tolk

Sint-Andriesstraat 2

2000 Antwerpen, België

tel. 03 206 04 91

fax 03 206 04 99

christine.gysen at lessius-ho.be

Conference fee

The fee for the two-day conference and pre-conference workshops (Wednesday  15, Thursday 16 and Friday 17 November 2006)  is  _ 250  (students  _  60).  This  fee includes  registration,  the academic  programme,  the  social  programme,  a  copy  of  the abstracts, all other documentation, and all lunches and  coffee break  refreshments on Wednesday 15, Thursday 16 and Friday  17 November  2006,  but  not  accommodation  or  a  copy  of   the proceedings. The fee for individual days is:

Thursday 16 November:    _ 85 (students _ 30) Friday 17 November:      _ 85 (students _ 30) 

The  early  bird  fee is _ 200 for the entire programme  (three days)  and is valid until 15 June 2006. More details  (also  on our refunding policy) will be given in the third circular.

Fee for pre-conference workshops:

The fee for individual pre-conference workshops on Wednesday 15 November  2006  is  _  75  (students _ 30)  This  fee  includes registration,   the  academic  programme,  all  workshop   documentation,  and  lunch and coffee break refreshments,  but  not accommodation.

Fees DO NOT INCLUDE bank/transfer charges.


More  information  about the 2006 international  conference  on Terminology can be found on the following websites:

www.nlterm.org http://www.hszuyd.msti.translation-and-meaning.nedweb.com http://vertaalacademie.hszuyd.nl/


Participants  are  expected to make their own  arrangements  as regards  accommodation,  but a list  of  hotels  in  all  price categories will be made available later.

Social events:

Information  on  conference dinner and social  events  will  be announced later.

To receive the third circular, please complete and return the enclosed form.





The International Conference on Terminology Antwerp (Belgium), 16 and 17 November 2006

Please   complete   the  form  below  (in  block   letters   or typewritten) and return it to:

Prof.  Dr.  Frieda  Steurs (Chair of the  Local  Organising Committee)

Departement Vertaler-Tolk, Lessius Hogeschool Sint-Andriesstraat 2

    2000 Antwerp, Belgium

FAX:+ 32 3 206 04 99 TEL:+ 32 3 206 04 91 

e-mail:    Frieda.Steurs at lessius-ho.be <mailto:Frieda.Steurs at lessius-ho.be> 



FAMILY NAME:  _____________________________ TITLE ____________ _________                         :     ____

FIRST NAME:  ______________________________________

INSTITUTION            & _____________________________________

AFFILIATION:            ___________

___________________________________________________ _______________ ___________________________________________________ _______________ ___________________________________________________ _______________

ADDRESS:   ___________________________________________________

_______________ ___________________________________________________ _______________ ___________________________________________________ _______________ ___________________________________________________ _______________

COUNTRY:                _____________________________________


TELEPHONE:  Office  ________________ Home:  ____________________


FAX:        Office  ________________ Home:  ____________________


E-MAIL:     Office  ________________ Home:  ____________________


Tick as appropriate:

I   wish   to  receive  the  3rd  circular  with   further information  on  the  2006  International  Conference   on Terminology

I  wish  to  attend the 2006 International  Conference  on Terminology

    I  wish  to  present  a paper at the  2006  International Conference on Terminology


     theme:  __________

title:  _________________________________________________ __________ _________________________________________________ __________

I   do   not  intend  to  present  a  paper  at  the  2006 International Conference on Terminology

c    audiovisual/computer equipment


__________________________________________________________ ________________ __________________________________________________________ ________________

DATE:_________________________ SIGNATURE._____________________________________

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