[Elsnet-list] KOS in Digital Libraries

Bhojaraju G bhojaraju.g at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 09:50:37 CET 2006

*Apologies for Cross Postings*

*Confidential and for Research Purpose only *

*Dear Sir/Madam,*

I am doing a study on "*Knowledge Organisation System (KOS) in Digital
Libraries (DLs)". *

I kindly ask you to help me with my thesis. Any answers I will receive from
you about the following will be kept confidential and used for Research
purpose only.

In case you maintain a Digital Library, I would like to know the following:

   - How the Knowledge is organised in your DL?
   - Which classification do you use Do you use standardized schemes or
   Customised classification?
   - Which query system do you use in your database? Do you use a Search
   - Do you use any Thesaurus or Concept Mapping and Visualization tools?

   - How do you classify content? Do you use any tools? Is it manual
or auto-categorisation?

Thank you in advance for your kind effort.

Raju (Bhojaraju G)

+91-944 836 9905

Knowledge Management Practice
Bangalore, INDIA.

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