[Elsnet-list] PhD positions at ITC-Irst, Trento (Italy)

Daniele Falavigna falavi at itc.it
Wed Jan 25 11:54:53 CET 2006

PhD  Opportunity in Automatic  Speech Recognition:  ITC-Irst, Istituto
Trentino di Cultura, Trento, Italy.

ITC (http://www.itc.it)  funds some studentships for PhD  study at the
ICT  International  Doctorate  School  of University  of  Trento  (see
http://ict.unitn.it/ict/home for more details).

Research activities will be  carried out within the speech recognition
group of  ITC-Irst, which is competitive  with the best  groups in the
world,  on  topics such  as:  robust,  long  spanning language  models
estimation  and  combination,   investigation  of  appropriate  search
techniques,  word graph  generation for  spoken  language translation.
Some of  the tasks on which we  are working on come  from the European
Project  TC-STAR  (http://www.tc-star.org),  mainly  transcription  of
European Parliament  speeches. Other tasks include  broadcast news and
spontaneous speech transcriptions.

Candidates must have a very good  first degree. To apply send a CV to:
Daniele Falavigna,

email: falavi at itc.it
tel:   +39(0)461314562
fax:   +39(0)461314591.

Applications via e-mail are welcome.

About ITC-Irst.  Located  in one of the most  beautiful area of Italy,
near  the  Dolomites, Irst  (Istituto  per  la  Ricerca Scientifica  e
Tecnologica) is  a major Italian  research centre operating  in fields
such as:  Artificial Intelligence, Microsystems,  and Surface Physics.
The  Artificial Intelligence area  comprises the  following divisions:
TCC  (Cognitive  and  Communication  Technologies),  SSI  (Interactive
Sensory Systems) and SRA (Automatic Reasoning Systems). ITC-Irst has a
long score of important achievements in all the areas of its activity,
testifying  its  vocation  towards  excellence in  basic  and  applied
research, and in technological transfer.

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