[Elsnet-list] [E-Job] Computational Linguist position at OFAI, Vienna

Ernst Buchberger ernst at ai.univie.ac.at
Fri Jan 27 14:22:05 CET 2006

The Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI), 
Vienna, Austria, offers a position as a Senior Researcher in its 
Language Technology Group.

The successful candidate will collaborate in the recently started EU 
Project RASCALLI. Rascalli are virtual cooperative agents that live and 
learn on the Internet. Their memory is structured based on principles 
from human cognition. In the user interface they appear as embodied
conversational characters. They can be trained by the user to fulfil
specific tasks such as extracting particular information from the Web,
collaborating with other Rascalli and the user to achieve a certain
goal, etc. (For a project summary see

In particular we are looking for support in the area of action- and
perception-based multimodal communication. We distinguish two types of
interaction: Rascalli2User and Rascalli2Rascalli. As regards the
former, keyboard input from the user and information gathered from the
Internet must be analyzed and transformed into action- and plan-based
semantics which forms the basis for mulitmodal behaviour generation in
the embodied conversational character. As regards the latter, internal
protocols transmitted between the agents must be transformed into 
action- and plan-based semantics. Action and perception processes are
strongly intertwined with reasoning and memory retrieval.

The suitable candidate will have a degree in computer science or
computational linguistics with a strong background in one or more of
the following areas: multimodal dialogue, multimodal interaction,
embodied conversational characters, human-computer interaction,
multi-agent systems, cognitive systems, semantic systems.

The suitable candidate will be an open minded team worker, who is able
to work creatively in an interdisciplinary context. She/he will have
good programming skills and be able to flexibly use different 
programming languages (java, perl, etc.).

Fluency in German and/or English is expected.

The position is to be filled asap. The contract will be for the
duration of the RASCALLI project (until December 2008). Continued 
employment after the end of the project is possible.

The salary depends on the education and experience of the candidate.
Please mail applications including a CV to Harald Trost 
(harald.trost at ofai.at)

More information on OFAI's LT Group can be found at

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