[Elsnet-list] Soliciting Nominations for AMTA Board 2006-2008

Priscilla Rasmussen rasmusse at cs.rutgers.edu
Fri Jul 21 15:36:28 CEST 2006

Dear AMTA member,
We are writing to announce the upcoming election of a new AMTA Board
of Directors. The positions that are up for election this year are the
four Executive Officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer and
Secretary) as well as three new Directors, one representing
developers, one for researchers and one for users. 
Listed below are candidates for each office that have been recruited
by the 2006 Nominating Committee. Each of the individuals listed is
qualified to run and has agreed to serve if elected. As an AMTA
member, you are welcome to nominate other candidates, including
yourself. The only conditions are, first, that the persons nominated
be AMTA members, and second, that they agree to run. (We would ask you
to verify these conditions before submitting new nominations.) In
addition, the office of President and Vice President are limited to
members who have previously served at least one term on the AMTA
Please submit any additional nominations to Priscilla Rasmussen, the
AMTA Business Manager at <business at amtaweb.org> on or before July
28th. We would also ask you to verify the above conditions with any
person you nominate. A nominee should signify his or her acceptance by
sending a short bio sketch to the AMTA Business Manager before July
28. These bio sketches will be appended to the ballot.  
Voting will be conducted by email the following week, and the results
will be announced at the AMTA general membership meeting in Boston,
Mass on Wednesday, August 9, 2006. 
Here are the current candidates, as selected by the Nominating
President:        Mike Dillinger
Vice-President:   Bob Frederking 
Treasurer:        Laurie Gerber
Secretary:        Violetta Cavalli-Sforza
Director (developers):  Farzad Ehsani
Director (users):       Michael Blench
Director (researchers): Alon Lavie
Sincerely yours,

 Laurie Gerber

President 2004-2006
Association for Machine Translation in the Americas
Tel: 619-523-8550
Cell: 619-200-8344
president at amtaweb.org

AMTA Business Office
209 N. Eighth Street
Stroudsburg, PA  18360 
phone: +1-570-476-8006 
fax: +1-570-476-0860 
email: business at amtaweb.org

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