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The Adaptive Multimodal Interface  Research Lab at University of Trento

has openings in the following areas:



            Automatic Speech Recognition (PhD Research Fellowship)


            Natural Language Processing     (PhD Research Fellowship)


            Machine Learning                      (PhD Research
Fellowship/Senior Researcher)


            HCI/User Interface                     (Junior Researcher)


            Multimodal/Spoken Dialog         (Senior Researcher)



The Adaptive Multimodal Interface research lab pursues excellence research
in next-generation interfaces

for human-machine and human-human communication. The research positions will
be funded by the prestigious

Marie Curie Excellence grant awarded by the European Commission for  cutting
edge and interdisciplinary 


The candidates for PhD research fellowships should have background in
speech, natural language processing

 or machine learning. The successful applicants should have EE or CS degree
with strong academic records. 

The students will be part of an interdisciplinary research team working on
speech recognition, language

 understanding, spoken dialog, machine learning and adaptive user
interfaces. Deadline for application

 submission is July 11, 2006 (see  http://ict.unitn.it/).

The candidates for the junior/senior researcher positions should have a PhD
degree either in computer 

science, cognitive science or related disciplines. They will have an
established  international research

 track record  in their field of expertise and leadership skills. Deadline
for application submission is 

November 1, 2006.

The  applicants should be fluent in English. The Italian language competence
is optional and applicants

 are encouraged to acquire this skill on the job. The applicants should have
good programming skills in 

most of the following C++/Java/JavaScript/Perl/Python. Salaries are
competitive and depending on qualifications. 

Relocation package might be available depending on eligibility.

University of Trento is an equal opportunity employer. Interested applicants
should send their CV along 

with their statement of research interest and three reference letters to:



                                                          Prof. Ing.
Giuseppe Riccardi

riccardi at dit.unitn.it




About University of Trento and Information and Communication Technology
Department (DIT)


The University of Trento is constantly ranked as premiere Italian graduate
university institution 

(see www.dit.unitn.it). 


DIT Department 

  -DIT has a strong focus on interdisciplinarity with professors from
different faculties of the University

   (Physical Science, Electrical Engineering, Economics, Social Science,
Cognitive Science, Computer Science)

   with international background. 

  -DIT aims at exploiting the complementary experiences present in the
various research areas in order to 

   develop innovative methods and technologies, applications and advanced

  -English is the official language.


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