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Fri Mar 10 14:51:38 CET 2006

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International Workshop
7-9 April 2006, University of Hamburg

In the new area of digitalized information, researchers from the
humanities face a new problem: semantic data organization. In contrast
with the data processed by natural sciences, the material in most
fields of humanities is mostly unstructured. The structuring of such
data is a complex problem that can be solved only by formal models and
languages from computer science. However the application of formal
models from formal sciences (especially computing) is itself a
scientific problem as humanists have their own scientific culture not
only in the argumentation and meta-theories but also in their way of
communication. With the development of the Semantic Web the
ontology-concept became an important key for data-structuring. Some
ontologies were developed also in the Humanities, but there is still no
overview of what exists, which standards are used and how well the
current ontologies meet the users requirements.

The current workshop aims to fill this gap and act also as a discussion
forum Papers related  to one or more of the following topics will be
-       theoretical relevant models for humanities
-       formal prerequisites
-       specific ontologies for different fields in Humanities
-       collaborative tools for ontology manipulation
-       Semantic Web technologies for preserving cultural heritage
-       Semi-automatic ontology extraction
-       Ontology development in multilingual context
-       Practical use of ontologies in Humanities

Walther v. Hahn (University of Hamburg)
Cristina Vertan (University of Hamburg)

Invited Speakers:   Marin Doerr, (FORTH-ICS, Heraklion, Crete)
   Nicola Guarino (ITC, Tento, Italy)

We welcome participation of researchers from all fields related with
the topic of the Workshop.
A registration formular can be found at:
Starting from Monday, 13.03.2006, an Online registration will be possible at
the same address.
In case there are problems with the online form, please use the pdf file.
Thank you for understanding

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