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CALL FOR PAPERS: 8th Intl Workshop on Logic and Computational Complexity

  The Logic and Computational Complexity Workshop, LCC'06, will be 
  part of the 2006 Federated Logic Conference, FLoC'06, and
  satellite workshop of the Logic in Computer Science Conference,
  LICS'06, in Seattle, Washington, August 10-11, 2006.


  The workshop aims at furthering an understanding of the fundamental
  relations between computational complexity and logic.  Topics of
  interest include:

   * complexity analysis for functional languages
   * complexity in database theory
   * complexity in formal methods
   * computational complexity in higher types
   * formal methods for complexity analysis of programs
   * foundations of implicit computational complexity
   * logical & machine-independent characterizations of complexity classes
   * logics closely related to complexity classes
   * proof complexity
   * semantic approaches to complexity
   * software that applies LCC ideas
   * type systems for controlling complexity


  The program will consist of sessions of contributed papers, invited
  talks, and software demonstrations.


  The deadline for submissions is June 12, 2006.  See the workshop
  webpage, http://www.cis.syr.edu/~royer/lcc/LCC06/, for submission


   * Georg Gottlob (University of Oxford)
   * Neil Immerman (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) co-chair
   * Russell Impagliazzo (University of California, San Diego)
   * Neil Jones (University of Copenhagen)
   * Bruce Kapron (University of Victoria) co-chair
   * Harry Mairson (Brandeis University)
   * Karl-Heinz Niggl (University of Technology, Ilmenau)
   * Toniann Pitassi (University of Toronto)
   * Thomas Schwentick (University of Dortmund)
   * Colin Stirling (University of Edinburgh) 


  June 12        The submission deadline                       
  July 5         Notification of authors of accepted papers            
  August 10-11   Workshop Dates                                        
  August 12-15   LICS'05 Dates 


  The LCC home page:  http://www.cis.syr.edu/~royer/lcc/ 
  The LICS home page: http://www.lfcs.informatics.ed.ac.uk/lics 
  The FLoC home page: http://research.microsoft.com/floc06/


  James S. Royer
  Department of Electrial Engineering and Computer Science
  Syracuse University
  Syracuse, NY 13244  USA
  Email: someone at someplace 
     where somplace=ecs.syr.edu and someone=royer
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