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                             CALL FOR PAPERS

                                AMTA 2006

                         7th Biennial Conference
            Association for Machine Translation in the Americas

                           Boston, August 8-12


Visions for the Future of Machine Translation
The last few years have witnessed major changes in the field of machine
translation. Statistical methods have taken a lead place in the field
and managed to cross the bridge from research to commercial enterprise.
Interest in hybridization has returned.  There is more work on
introducing morphology and syntax into statistical systems to capture
linguistic generalities that seem hard to model statistically.  And
there is also more work on introducing statistical resources and
techniques into already existing symbolic systems to increase their
robustness.  As each of the competing paths of statistical and symbolic
approaches has reached its independent potential, the focus now is
moving on exploiting complementarities.  These are exciting times!
But, the future is not here yet.

So, where are we heading? What will the field be like in 10 years or 20
years? How easily will we be able to move to a new source language or
language pair? What about other modalities besides text such as speech
or OCR output?  Where is the user in all of this? The user as
professional translator or as language educator?  Should the field
expand its user base by reincorporating its core technologies in new
directions? How well do the best systems do under severe restrictions
in terms of computer memory and power?

Call for Papers
We solicit submissions in English for unpublished papers describing
original research on all aspects of Machine Translation. Topics of
interest include but are not limited to:

* Advances in Statistical MT
* Advances in Rule-based MT
* Lexicon and grammar building and induction
* Hybridization of rule-based MT and statistical MT
* MT for resource-poor languages
* MT on resource-limited machinery (e.g. PDAs)
* Speech to speech or speech to text MT
* MT for OCR
* MT Evaluation

Papers should not be longer than 10 pages.

Calls for User Sessions, Showcase, Tutorial and Workshop Proposals and
Panel Proposals will be issued separately.

Important Dates
April 10 Submission **intention** deadline for conference papers
(abstract [max 200 words] + title + category + author(s)
May 1 Submission deadline for technical papers, 11:59pm EST
June 15         Notification to authors
June 30         Camera-ready copy due
August 8-12 Conference

Program Chairs: Nizar Habash <habash at cs.columbia.edu>
                and Alon Lavie <alavie at cs.cmu.edu>

Contacts for advance information on User Sessions, Showcase, Tutorial
and Workshop Proposals and Panel Proposals:

User Sessions - Laurie Gerber <lgerber at languageweaver.com>
Showcase - Jennifer Decamp <jdecamp at mitre.org>
Tutorial and Workshop Proposals - Michelle Vanni <mvanni at arl.army.mil>
Panel Proposals - Violetta Cavalli-Sforza <violetta at cs.cmu.edu>

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