[Elsnet-list] Volunteers for acoustic/psychological experiment needed

Monja Knoll Monja.Knoll at port.ac.uk
Wed Mar 22 12:17:27 CET 2006

Dear All,   

My name is Monja Knoll and I'm a PhD student in the Department of Psychology, 
University of Portsmouth, UK.  I’m interested in acoustic and emotional modifications 
that occur in speech, and I'm currently looking for volunteers to take part in a speech 
online study. The study is quite easy, and should take only 20-30 minutes of your time.  
You only need to listen to 30 speech samples, and rate them for their emotional affect.  
You do not have to be an English native speaker.  You will need a sound card and 
speakers on your computer, and the study is best run in Internet Explorer.  It might take 
some time to download some of the speech samples (although broadband connections 
should be fast).

If you do want to participate please click on the following link:   


I would really appreciate your help, and please feel free to forward this link to any 
friends or colleagues you think might be interested in taking part.   

Best regards,   

Monja Knoll   

Monja Knoll
Department of Psychology
University of Portsmouth
Telephone Number: 023 9284 6317
Email address: monja.knoll at port.ac.uk
Room number: 1.05b
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