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                     CALL FOR PAPERS

       Search and Logic: Answer Set Programming and SAT

       A Workshop affiliated with ICLP-06 and FLoC-06
          August 16, 2006, Seattle, Washington, USA

Complex combinatorial search problems are pervasive in computer science 
and its applications.  One approach to solving these problems is to 
represent the properties of a solution in some logic-based formalism, 
use a solver to construct models for the representation, and then obtain 
solutions from these models.  This workshop focuses on two versions of 
this approach, SAT and ASP, examining their similarities, differences, 
synergies and common goals.

The effectiveness of the general approach has been demonstrated clearly 
by SAT.  For example, effective practical solvers have been responsible 
for SAT becoming a standard tool in electronic design and verification.
This progress has been facilitated by the very simple syntax and semantics.
However, SAT has severe limitations as a modelling language.  ASP is is 
based on the language of logic programming, generally with some extensions, 
which provides considerable modelling convenience. A much younger approach,
it has shown significant potential.  The built-in recursion mechanism, in 
particular, appears useful in many applications involving time and action, 
such as planning and verification. 

Work in SAT and ASP shares several common goals and techniques, and there 
are already important interactions.  However, few researchers are experts 
in both, and there is great potential for further productive interaction.
The workshop will bring together researchers from SAT and ASP to exchange 
ideas on the state-of-the-art in techniques, results and methodologies; 
to discuss problems which are exhibited in both areas; and to formulate 
challenges and opportunities.

Henry Kautz,  University of Washington
Mirek Truszczynski, University of Kentucky 

Regular technical papers and position papers relevant to the goals of 
the workshop are welcome.  Topics of interest include, but are no 
limited to:

    * fundamental algorithms,
    * solver implementation techniques,
    * comparison of modelling strategies,
    * criteria for future modelling language choices,
    * generalizing work on tractable cases,
    * methods for taking advantage of tractability results, and
    * new algorithm directions

Authors should submit papers of at most 15 pages in Springer LNCS format, 
PDF or Postscript, online at http://www.easychair.org/LaSh06/.

Paper Submission:       May 22, 2006
Author Notification:    June 27, 2006
Workshop:               August 16, 2006

Enrico Giunchiglia     Universita di Genova
Victor Marek           University of Kentucky
David Mitchell         Simon Fraser University
Eugenia Ternovska      Simon Fraser University
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