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*Vacancy Professor Digital media and Organization*

*T**ilburg** University** *

Tilburg University is a modern, specialized university. Its education 
and research are of high quality. Students and employees experience 
Tilburg University as an environment in which they are challenged and 
inspired. Moreover, it offers excellent fringe benefits and a corporate 
culture in which commitment and cooperation are central themes. In 
national annual rankings Tilburg University takes a top-position. The 
compact campus offers ample opportunity to meet staff and students. Of a 
student population of over 10,000, 5% are international students.

*Faculty of Arts*
The teaching and research of the Faculty of Arts are organized around 
the themes of business communication and digital media, cultural 
studies, discourse studies, humanities computing, intercultural 
communication, computational linguistics and human-computer 
communication. The faculty’s inspiring working environment stimulates 
its employees to realize their ambitions.

*Department of Communication Science*

The Department of Communication Science is dedicated to research and 
teaching. The research investigates the communicative competence of 
language users in interaction with each other as well as with computers; 
oral and written language behaviour is studied in natural and 
experimental environments, with a focus on structures and patterns of 
language use that are characteristic of social and human-machine 
contexts. The teaching is primarily concerned with the undergraduate and 
graduate programs of the Communication & Information Sciences curriculum.

Within the Department of Communication Science, the Chair of 
Digitalization and Organization is vacant. Applications are invited for 
the position of

  Professor of Digital Media and Organization

full-time (0.8 - 1.0 FTE), vacancy number 810.06.04

*Main responsibilities*

The Professor of Digital Media and Organization initiates and conducts 
fundamental and applied research into the analysis, the development, the 
use and the evaluation of new communication tools and media in an 
organizational context. (S)he maintains and further develops an 
attractive offer of courses in Business Communication and Digital Media 
at bachelor’s and master’s level. (S)he manages the compartment of 
project research in the Department of Communication Studies, and 
provides leadership at group, faculty, and university level.

The responsibilities that come with this function call for a scientist 
with a research and teaching background preferably in communication 
sciences, social sciences or linguistics and with managerial experience 
in acquiring research projects in national or transnational funding 
institutions or companies. The successful candidate for this Chair:

    * has a PhD thesis in a relevant discipline and has published
      relevant publications in authoritative international publication
    * has shown the ability to raise external funding from scientific as
      well as non-scientific sources in a national as well as a
      transnational context;
    * has expertise in the domain of the implementation of digital tools
      in organisations
    * has managerial and leadership qualities;
    * is able and willing to develop teaching activities in the field of
      Organisational Communication and Digital Media;
    * has proven experience and affinity with research using different
      methodologies within a multidisciplinary context;
    * is able or willing to learn to communicate in Dutch

*Terms of employment:*

Tilburg University is rated among the top Dutch employers and has 
excellent terms of employment. Initially the selected candidate will 
apply for a temporary full-time contract during five years and will be 
ranked in the Dutch university employment system (UFO) as full 
professor, level 2. After three and a half years the performance will be 
evaluated with respect to the quality of research, education and 
management as well as with respect to the results and future 
expectations of acquiring sufficient external funding. A permanent and 
full-time position after five years is dependent on the positive outcome 
of this evaluation.


Requests for information regarding this vacancy can be directed to 
prof.dr. A. Maes (Maes at uvt.nl <mailto:Maes at uvt.nl>, tel +31 13 466 2058) 
or to prof. dr. M. Swerts (m.g.j.swerts at uvt.nl 
<mailto:m.g.j.swerts at uvt.nl>, tel +31 13 466 2922). A more detailed 
description of the Chair can be found on the internet site of the 
university www.uvt.nl/faculteiten/fcc/maes/ 


The deadline for applications is May 1. 2006. Applications, including a 
CV and names of two referents, are to be sent to: mr. A.Q.M. Oostrom 
(Managing Director), Faculty of Arts, Tilburg University, P.O. Box 
90153, 5000 LE Tilburg, The Netherlands, or to: solliciterenfdl at uvt.nl 
<mailto:solliciterenfdl at uvt.nl> (indicating the vacancy number 810.06.04).

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