[Elsnet-list] system for automatic discourse analysis

Suzan Verberne s.verberne at let.ru.nl
Tue May 30 16:57:31 CEST 2006

Dear all,

I am a PhD student investigating the problem of automatic question 
answering for why-questions. Lately, I have been researching the 
possibilities of using discourse analysis for why-QA. It seems that 
discourse analysis can be rather relevant for a why-QA system.

I know that work has been done in developing systems for automatic 
discourse analysis of documents, more specifically for the framework of 
RST. Until now, I did not succeed in getting access to such a system. (I
asked a number of researchers in the field). I am aware of the 
difficulties of automatic discourse analysis, but I still think it can 
play a role for my research.

Can you help me in finding a system for discourse analysis? It may be 
very helpful for my project.

Thank you,

Suzan Verberne


drs. Suzan Verberne, PhD student
Department of Language and Speech
University of Nijmegen
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