[Elsnet-list] Call for papers: RUIPIACS Workshop on Control Systems User Interfaces

Matteo Risoldi Matteo.Risoldi at cui.unige.ch
Tue May 30 19:23:04 CEST 2006

Dear colleague,

We'd like to submit to your attention this call for papers, and  
invite you to participate and eventually forward the call to anybody  
you know that might be interested.

Best Regards
Matteo Risoldi


The First International Workshop on Rapid User Interface Prototyping
Infrastructures Applied to Control Systems (RUIPIACS)


In conjunction with:
Rapid Integration of Software Engineering techniques Conference (RISE  
September 13th, 2006, Geneva, Switzerland


Workshop Description

Generally speaking, control systems are concrete hardware machines which
expose hundreds and in some cases thousands of physical controls.  
Those are
meant mainly to allow system operators to supervise and take actions  
on the
controls to fix a problem or conduct a process in a determinate way.

In order to produce good quality user interfaces adequate to this  
domain, the system designer has to face some challenges. Typically,  
the high
number of controls and exceptional situations require a well  
organized rapid
prototyping methodology. Moreover,
a common feature for complex control systems is that the software is  
developed while the system itself is still in engineereing, requiring a
certain dynamicity of the framework to easily add, remove or change  
We observe that there is a lack of a good rapid prototyping  
infrastructure to
reflect required new changes so that the system designer can be able to
quickly validate the GUI against the operators (users). This leads to a
situation where the implementation of such GUIs is time consuming  
they are coded from scratch. Therefore, the community requires robust
methodologies that lead to a fast and effective way to derive GUIs  
User Interfaces) from the specification of a control system, or at least
guide the system
designer in its specification.

The workshop aims to collect current experience and further the
state-of-the-art in the subject of Rapid User Interface Prototyping
Infrastructures Applied to Control Systems (RUIPIACS) as well as to  
future directions by bringing together people with practical experience
and/or involved in related theoretical research efforts.

The workshop will be held on September 13th 2006 in Geneva (Switzerland)
during the RISE 2006 conference.



     * Matteo Risoldi, Software Modeling and Verification group,  
Université de
Genève, Switzerland
     * Vasco Amaral, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade  
Nova de
Lisboa (UNL), Portugal


Workshop topics

     * Domain specific languages
     * Model driven design and testing techniques
     * Automated GUI development for control systems
     * Requirements engineering for control systems


Workshop high-level goals

     * Completely Survey the area (past/recent projects)
     * Best Practices (Common vision)
     * Future research directions


Workshop Focus

     * Foundations
     * Design of tools (including standardization) with a focus on  
     * Applications (specific domains/formalisms)



Prospective participants are asked to submit a position paper or  
report of up to 4 pages, A4 format. Submission of industry papers is
encouraged. All papers must be written in English. Papers should be  
in PDF (or PostScript) format by the 10th of July 2006. Camera-ready  
of all accepted papers should be submitted by the 1st of September 2006.
Detailed instructions will be emailed to the authors.

Descriptions of work-in-progress and open questions are strongly
encouraged. Hence, we suggest that position papers and experience  
contain a final section named Open Issues in which the authors  
identify a
number of open questions (typically 3-5) related to their work that  
them special problems or that they think are relevant to the rest of the



Accepted position papers and experience reports will be distributed  
to the
participants electronically prior to the workshop. The proceedings  
will be
published as technical reports of Centre Universitaire D'Informatique,
Université de Genève, and made available via the workshop's website.


Submission Guidelines

Send the paper (in PDF or Postscript format, max 4 A4 pages) through our
management system on the website.


Important Dates

-July 10, 2006: Submission
-July 25, 2006: Notification to Authors
-August 4, 2006: Registration for workshop
-September 1, 2006: Camera Ready copy
-September 13, 2006: Workshop


Workshop program committee

Didier Buchs, Université de Genève, CH
Gilles Falquet, Université de Genève, CH
Markus Aleksy, University of Mannheim, DE
Juan de Lara, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, ES
Luis Marcelino, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, PT
Matteo Risoldi, Université de Genève, CH
Sven Helmer, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK
Vasco Amaral, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, PT

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