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                      Call for participation

   ECML/PKDD Graph Labelling Workshop – Web Spam Challenge

                          Warsaw, Poland
                       17-21 September 2007

The workshop is focused on the thematic of graph labelling whose goal is to
automatically learn to label the nodes of a graph given a known partially
labelled graph. The workshop is opened to any submission concerning
theoretical models or large size applications of graph labelling with a
particular focus on internet graphs.

A special session of the workshop will be devoted to the part 2 of the Web
Spam challenge organized with the support of the Pascal Network of
Excellence. This challenge focuses on a specific graph labelling problem:
detect malicious pages (web spam pages) on a large web graph. 

The description of the workshop is given in the Web page :

*****     http://graphlab.lip6.fr   *****************

The description concerning the Webspam Challenge is given in the Web page :

*****     http://webspam.lip6.fr    *****************

Theoretical or experimental research papers representing original,
previously unpublished works, are invited to be submitted to the workshop
(with a page limit of up to 8 pages). Positioning papers describing current
research are also welcome, as well as, opinion papers discussing Graph
Labelling models or applications.

Graph labelling is a generic task with several applications in many
different domains. The topics include, but are not limited, to:

•  Generic graph labelling models
•  Graph Diffusion
•  Tree annotation models - XML annotation •  Models for large graphs •  Web
spam detection •  Wiki, Blog, Web retrieval •  Web classification and
clustering •  Social networks •  Collaboration and citation graphs

Web Spam Challenge

Participants to the workshop are also encouraged to participate in the
WebSpam challenge organized within the Pascal Network of Excellence. This
competition features a key application, Web Spam detection where the goal is
to label the nodes (the Web pages or Web hosts) of a graph as spam or not

In order to help ML researchers to participate to this challenge, the
organizers of the workshop will provide pre-processed collections. Corpora
of different sizes will be made available ranging from small ones (about
1000 nodes) up to large ones (around 1 million nodes). The different
collections will be distributed in data formats such as plain text and
Matlab data files. This will allow to easily set-up the testing of different
types of ML models applied to this task.

Paper submissions

Paper Submissions:  The papers must be in English, formatted according to
the Springer-Verlag Lecture notes in Artificial Intelligence guidelines.
Papers in this format should not exceed 8 pages.

Important Dates – Graph Labelling Workshop :

•  Paper submission : June 30th
•  Paper acceptance notification : July 21st •  Paper camera ready copy :
July 28th

Important Dates – Web Spam Challenge :

•  Training collections : June 1st
•  Testing collections : July 9th
•  Submission of the results by the participants : July 11th •  Publication
of the results : July 12th

Program Committee:
Carlos Castillo - Yahoo! Research Barcelona 
Kumar Chellapilla - Microsoft Research
Brian D. Davison - Lehigh University 
Ludovic Denoyer - University of Paris 6 
Dennis Fetterly - Microsoft 
Patrick Gallinari - University of Paris 6 
Remi Gilleron - University Lille 3 
Marco Gori - DII-University of Siena 
Mark Herbster - University College London 
Massimiliano Pontil - University College London 
Juho Rousu - University of Helsinki 
John Shawe Taylor - University College London 
Alessandro Sperduti - University of Padova 
Tanguy Urvoy - France Telecom Research 

Organization Committee:
Carlos CASTILLO - Yahoo! Research
Brian D. DAVISON - Lehigh University
Ludovic DENOYER - LIP6 University of Paris 6 Patrick GALLINARI - LIP6
University of Paris 6 

Contact:  Ludovic.Denoyer at lip6.Fr

Assistant Professor - Maitre de conférences
LIP6 - University of PARIS 6
tel: 00 33 1 44 27 84 23
fax: 00 33 1 44 27 70 00

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