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The 5th International Workshop on "NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING AND 
(NLPCS 2008), http://www.iceis.org/workshops/nlpcs/nlpcs2008-cfp.html

12-13 June, 2008 - Barcelona – Spain

In conjunction with the 10th International Conference on Enterprise 
Information Systems (ICEIS 2008), http://www.iceis.org/

Bernadette Sharp, Staffordshire University, United Kingdom, 
B.Sharp at staffs.ac.uk
Michael Zock, CNRS, LIF, Marseille, France, michael.zock at lif.univ-mrs.fr


Realising that no single discipline will ever suffice to reveal the 
functioning of the human mind, cognitive science was born. The idea was 
to analyse complex behaviour (speaking, thinking, problem-solving) from 
different angles or levels and to build models that could account for them.


While ambitious and intriguing, the idea looked promising enough to 
attract numerous researchers, and there were plenty of opportunities 
then to present this kind of work. Alas, the situation has changed, the 
discipline has lost speed during the last decade. And if the reasons for 
this are multiple, ranging from lack of results to unkept promises (« 
cognitive science » remaining wishful thinking rather than a widely 
shared way of doing research), the fact is that funding has become more 
and more scarce, and so have the opportunities to present work done 
within this framework.

In the meantime statistical approaches have gained in popularity, and 
evaluation has become an obligatory feature for presentation of work in 
the arena of computational linguistics. While there is no doubt that 
evaluation has certain qualities, it does not guarantee progress or 
insights per se. A broader perspective is needed. To get the necessary 
insights and to get the big picture, we probably need to get back to the 
framework in which we worked in those days, which means, we should adopt 
and integrate multiple viewpoints, that is, take a cognitive science 
approach. This is the goal of this workshop.


The workshop used to be called NLUCS (Natural Language Understanding and 
Cognitive Science), yet, realising that this is too restrictive, we 
decided to rename it NLPCS (Natural Language Processing and Cognitive 
Science), as NLP is obviously more than just natural language 
understanding. Information Retrieval, Information Extraction, Machine 
Translation, Question Answering, Text Summarization, Text Generation, 
etc. are all part of NLP or HLT (Human Language Technology), and they 
all go clearly beyond language understanding. This being so, it might be 
a valuable proposition to integrate them into the debate. In other 
words, we would like to widen the scope and provide a forum for all 
researchers of NLP working within the CS paradigm.

Also, while certain components (dictionaries, grammars, or ontologies) 
are very general, the way they are used varies considerably with the 
task. Hence it is important to show how the task reflects in the use of 
a given resource.
The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for researchers working 
within the paradigm of cognitive science


• Computational Models of NLP
• Cognitive and Psychological Models of NLP
• Evolutionary NLP
• Situated (embodied) NLP
• Multimodality in speech / text processing
• Text Summarization and Information Extraction
• Natural Language Interfaces and Dialogue Systems
• Computer Assisted Language Learning
• Multi-Lingual Processing
• Pragmatics and NLP
• Speech Processing
• Tools and Resources in NLP
• Ontologies
• Text Mining
• Electronic Dictionaries
• Evaluation of NLP Systems

These topics can be addressed from any of the following perspectives: 
full automation by machines for machine (traditional NLP or HLT), 
semi-automated processing, i.e. machine-mediated processing (programs 
assisting people in their tasks), simulation of human cognitive process.


Prospective authors are invited to submit papers for oral presentation 
in any of the areas listed above. Only full papers in English will be 
accepted, and the length of the paper should not exceed 10 pages (5000 
words). Instructions for preparing the manuscript (in Word and Latex 
format) are available at the ICEIS web site. 
http://www.iceis.org/paper_template.htm Postscript/RTF versions of the 
manuscript should be submitted through ICEIS web-based paper submission 
procedure: http://www.iceis.org/paper_submission.htm


The workshop will comprise of invited talks and oral presentations of 
previously submitted papers that went through a double peer review 
process. The proceedings of the workshop will be published in the form 
of a book.


Paper Submission: March 3, 2008
Author Notification: April 4, 2008
Final Camera-Ready and Registration: April 14, 2008


Aretoulaki, M. (Germany), Intervoice Ltd., UK
Barnden, J. (UK), Birmingham University
Cristea, D. (Romania), University "A.I.Cuza" of Iasi, Romania
Day, C. (UK) , Keele University, UK
Delmonte, R. (USA), University of Texas
Endres-Niggemeyer, B. (Germany), Fachochschule Hanover, Germany
Helmreich, S.(USA), New Mexico State University, USA
Higgins, C. A. (UK), Nottingham University
Hinrichs, E. W. (Germany), University of Tuebingen
Mladenic, D. (Slovenia), J. Stefan Institute, Slovenia
Molla, D. (Australia), Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
Mota, C. (Portugal), L2F (INESC-ID) & Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
Mothe, J. (France), Université de Toulouse, France
Narayanan, S. (USA), University of California, Berkeley
Nunes, M. G. (Brasil), Instituto de Ciências Matemáticas e da Computação 
- USP/São Carlos, Brasil
Rayson, P. (UK), Lancaster University, UK
Ren, F. (Japan), University of Tokushima, Japan
Roche, C. (France), Université de Savoie
Russell, S. (USA), University of New Hampshire
Schwitter, R. (Australia), Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
Sedes, F. (France), Université de Toulouse, France
Sharp, B. (Bahrain, UK), Royal University for Women, Staffordshire 
Sheremetyeva, S. (Denmark), LanA Consulting ApS
Soule-Dupuy, C. (France), Université de Toulouse, France
Thompson, G. (UK), Liverpool University
Tufis, D. (Romania), University "A.I.Cuza" of Iasi, Romania
Wilks, Y. (UK), Sheffield University
Windridge, P. (UK), Staffordshire University
Zock, M. (France), CNRS-LIF, Marseille


The workshop will take place in conjunction with the 10th International 
Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS 2008) in Barcelona - 


At least one author of an accepted paper must register for the workshop. 
If the registration fees are not received by April 14, 2008, the paper 
will not be published in the proceedings. For registering go to 


ICEIS 2008 Secretariat - The Fifth International Workshop on Natural 
Language Processing and Cognitive Science (NLPCS-2008), E-mail: 
workshops at iceis.org
Web site: http://www.iceis.org

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