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Mon Dec 31 23:00:03 CET 2007

ILLC Scientific Publications

This document contains the titles of the reports that were published
by the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) this year.
All ILLC reports are available from the ILLC bureau:

       ILLC Bureau
       University of Amsterdam
       Plantage Muidergracht 24
       NL-1018 TV Amsterdam
       The Netherlands

Many reports are also electronically available,
 by WWW at http://www.illc.uva.nl/Publications and
 or FTP at ftp://ftp.science.uva.nl/pub/theory/illc/researchreports/
The ILLC bureau may be contacted by email, at illc at science.uva.nl

Reports are numbered Series-Year-Number, where `Series' is one of 
  PP = Prepublication Series
  MoL = Master of Logic Thesis


Report PP-2007-01
Title: Diversity of Agents and their Interaction
Author: Fenrong Liu

Report PP-2007-02
Title: Essentially Sigma-1 formulae in Sigma L
Author: Jacob Vosmaer

Report PP-2007-03
Title: Logic and Reasoning: Do the Facts Matter?
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2007-04
Title: Situation Calculus Meets Modal Logic
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2007-05
Title: Man Muss Immer Umkehren
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2007-06
Title: Inference in Action
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2007-07
Title: LOGIC GAMES: from tools to models of interaction
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2007-08
Title: Merging Frameworks for Interaction: DEL and ETL
Author: Johan van Benthem, Jelle Gerbrandy, Eric Pacuit

Report PP-2007-09
Title: Everything else being equal: A modal logic approach to ceteris 
paribus preferences
Author: Johan van Benthem, Olivier Roy, Patrick Girard

Report PP-2007-10
Title: Actions that Make us Know
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2007-11
Title: A Fully Connectionist Model Generator for Covered
Author: Sebastian Bader, Pascal Hitzler, Steffen H\"olldobler, Andreas 

Report PP-2007-12
Title: A Generic Approach to Coalition Formation
Author: Krzystof Apt, Andreas Witzel

Report PP-2007-13
Title: Independence and Hintikka games
Author: Theo Janssen

Report PP-2007-14
Title: Compiler correctness and the translation of logics
Author: Theo Janssen

Report PP-2007-15
Title: Belief Flow in Assertion Networks
Author: Sujata Ghosh, Benedikt L\"owe, Erik Scorelle

Report PP-2007-16
Title: Modal and Temporal Logics for Abstract Space-Time Structures
Author: Sara L. Uckelman, Joel Uckelman

Report PP-2007-17
Title: Historical and Conceptual Foundation of Diagrammatical Ontology
Author: Peter {\O}hrstr{\o}m, Sara L. Uckelman, Henrik Sch\"arfe

Report PP-2007-18
Title: On Definability in Dependence Logic
Author: Juha Kontinen, Jouko V\"a\"an\"anen

Report PP-2007-19
Title: Allocating Goods on a Graph to Eliminate Envy
Author: Yann Chevaleyre, Ulle Endriss, Nicolas Maudet

Report PP-2007-20
Title: Equivalence and quantier rules for logic with imperfect information
Author: Xavier Caicedo, Francien Dechesne, Theo M.V. Janssen

Report PP-2007-21
Title: Intentions, Decisions and Rationality
Author: Martin van Hees, Olivier Roy

Report PP-2007-22
Title: Visualization of ordinals
Author: Benedikt L\"owe

Report PP-2007-23
Title: Vote Manipulation in the Presence of Multiple Sincere Ballots
Author: Ulle Endriss

Report PP-2007-24
Title: Formalizability and Knowledge Ascriptions in Mathematical Practice
Author: Eva Wilhelmus

Report PP-2007-25
Title: Some Thoughts on Mohist Logic
Author: Jialong Zhang, Fenrong Liu

Report PP-2007-26
Title: Modelling Simultaneous Games with Concurrent Dynamic Logic
Author: Johan van Benthem, Sujata Ghosh, Fenrong Liu

Report PP-2007-27
Title: Preference Representation with Weighted Goals: Expressivity, 
Succinctness, Complexity
Author: Joel Uckelman, Ulle Endriss

Report PP-2007-28
Title: A Remark on Collective Quantification
Author: Juha Kontinen, Jakub Szymanik

Report PP-2007-29
Title: A strategic perspective on IF games
Author: Merlijn Sevenster

Report PP-2007-30
Title: Bisimulation for Neighbourhood Structuress
Author: Helle Hvid Hansen,  Clemens Kupke, Eric Pacuit

Report PP-2007-31
Title: Anselm's Logic of Agency
Author: Sara Uckelman

Report PP-2007-32
Title: Mathematical knowledge: a case study in empirical philosophy of 
Author: Benedikt L\"owe, Thomas M\"uller, Eva Wilhelmus

Report PP-2007-33
Title: Towards a new epistemology of mathematics
Author: Bernd Buldt, Benedikt L\"owe, Thomas M\"uller

Report PP-2007-34
Title: MacNeille completion and profinite completion can coincide on 
finitely generated modal algebras
Author: Jacob Vosmaer

Report PP-2007-35
Title: The Pragmatics of Biscuit Conditionals
Author: Michael Franke

Report PP-2007-36
Title: Interpretation of Optimal Signals
Author: Michael Franke

Report PP-2007-37
Title: A Strong Meaning Hypothesis from a Computational Perspective
Author: Jakub Szymanik

Report PP-2007-38
Title: Unifiability in extensions of K4
Author: \c{C}i\v{g}dem Gencer, Dick de Jongh

Report PP-2007-39
Title: The importance of being discrete
Author: Balder ten Cate, Tadeusz Litak

Report PP-2007-40
Title: Bayesian Model Merging for Unsupervised Constituent Labeling and 
Grammar Induction
Author: Gideon Borensztajn, Willem Zuidema

Report MoL-2007-01
Title: A Revised Version: Belief Revision and Epistemic Acts
Author: Jonathan Zvesper

Report MoL-2007-02
Title: Discovering the truth by conducting experiments
Author: Wouter Koolen

Report MoL-2007-03
Title: Transfer Learning Using the Minimum Description Length Principle 
with a Decision Tree Application
Author: H\"oskuldur Hlynsson

Report MoL-2007-04
Title: Social Choice and Logic via Simple Games
Author: Tijmen R. Dani\"els

Report MoL-2007-05
Title: Topics in Subset Space Logic
Author: Can Baskent

Report MoL-2007-06
Title: Formalizing Implicatures Using Extended Logic Programming
Author: Gerben de Vries

Report MoL-2007-07
Title: Formalizing Legislation in the Event Calculus: The Case of the 
Italian Citizenship Law
Author: Marcello Di Bello

Report MoL-2007-08
Title: A computational model of reference
Author: Ori Garin

Report MoL-2007-09
Title: Clarity in Non-Monotonic Logic
Author: Harald Bastiaanse

Report MoL-2007-10
Title: Individual-level Predicates and When-Conditionals
Author: David Chabot

Report MoL-2007-11
Title: Regularity Properties and Determinacy
Author: Yurii Khomskii

Report MoL-2007-12
Title: Group-theoretic Methods for Bounding the Exponent of Matrix 
Author: Sandeep Murthy

Report MoL-2007-13
Title: Extending Kleene's O Using Infinite Time Turing Machines
Author: Ansten M{\o}rch Klev

Report MoL-2007-14
Title: Space Complexity in Infinite Time Turing Machines
Author: Joost Winter

Report MoL-2007-15
Title: Decidability of S2S
Author: Christian Kissig

Report MoL-2007-16
Title: Revealing Concealment: A (Neuro-)Logical Investigation of Concealed 
Author: Jesse Aron Harris

Report MoL-2007-17
Title: Comparing Winner Determination Algorithms for Mixed Multi-Unit 
Combinatorial Auctions
Author: Brammert Ottens

Report MoL-2007-18
Title: Logics for Cooperation, Actions and Preferences
Author: Lena Kurzen

Report MoL-2007-19
Title: Expressivity of Coalgebraic Modal Languages
Author: Raul Andres Leal Rodriguez

Report MoL-2007-20
Title: How illiterates interpret syllogistic problems
Author: Gustaaf Haan

Report MoL-2007-21
Title: Logic, Normativity, and the A Priori
Author: Theodora Achourioti

Report MoL-2007-22
Title: Automata on flows
Author: Petter Remen

Report MoL-2007-23
Title: Towards simpler tree substitution grammars
Author: Federico Sangati

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