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*Dear Colleague,*

Can you please share the announcement below with those who may be
interested?  I would be most grateful.

Thank you in advance,

Best Regards.

Mohamed Salim BOUHLEL

General Co-Chair, E-MEDISYS 2007

Head of Research Unit: Sciences & Technologies of Image and

Higher Institute of Biotechnology of Sfax (Sfax University)

BP 261    3038 SFAX TUNISIA

GSM +216 20 200005

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First International Conference of E-Medical Services

*Technically co-sponsored IEEE Morocco *

Fez , Morocco, October 24-26, 2007



*== E-MEDISYS 2007 PRESENTATION*=============================================

*E-Medisys *is a new international conference, very innovative, on the topic
of the telemedicine.

This conference was born out of collaboration of three teams of research
divided between Sfax ( Tunisia), Besançon (France) and Fez (Morocco).

E-Medisys, from its topic interdisciplinary, has the role to bring together
the researchers,and the industrialists, who are actors of the telemedicine
as well from the medical point of view as from the data-processing point of
view. It is what makes a single event of it: the meeting of the actors who
will allow treating the telemedicine from beginning to end, this conference
will be held in French and English. Papers will be selected by a mixed
reading panel gathering of the specialists to re-elect in the field of the

For the tutorials session, we wish to invite celebrities in telemedicine.

*== TOPICS *


The topics of this conference are voluntarily opened in order to support the
participation of many teams (researchers, teachers, engineers,
industrialists and students). A broad place will be reserved for the new
ideas, with not yet succeeded work, original work positioning clearly
compared to what exists.

Here a non exhaustive list of the topics:

    * Data-processing applications for the medical imagery (segmentation,
rebuilding 3D, computer graphics,virtual reality, increased reality, etc)

    * Data bases Multi-media

    * Ergonomics of the interfaces men/machines distributed

    * Collaborative Virtual Environments

    * Evaluation of the information systems of health

    * Image, Compression, Coding and Encoding

    * Mobility,

    * Ubiquity and networks without wire

    * NTIC and health

    * Increased reality Safety in the distributed applications multi-media

    * Care patient mobiles

    * Information systems integrated of health for the shared and
co-operative care

    * Telediagnosis

    * Teleconsulting

    * E-health, Networks of health

    * Remote monitoring

*== E-MEDISYS 2007 PARTNERS*=================================================

    - LIFC, France http://lifc.univ-fcomte.fr/

    - ISBS, Tunisia *http://www.isbs.rnu.tn/*

    - ESISA, Morocco http://www.esisa.ma/

*== IMPORTANT DATES*=========================================================

Paper submission:            May 15, 2007

Notification of acceptance:  July 13, 2007

Final manuscript due:        September 15, 2007

Main conference:             October 24-26, 2007

*== CONFERENCE'S PLACE*======================================================

Fez was the capital of Morocco for all together more than 1000 years, home
of the oldest university of the country and the leading cultural and
religious centre. Fez is also the home of the oldest a largest medieval city
in the world, a city that is almost unchanged through the modern ages and
still most definitely alive.

Fez was founded in 789 at a place between the mountains where the river was
flushing by.

History has provided the city with long periods of hardship, but Fez has
never died. Today it has its own culture, pride, art and even cuisine.
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