[Elsnet-list] Call for Papers: Interspeech 2007 Special Session: Novel techniques for the NATO non-native military air traffic controller database

David van Leeuwen david.vanleeuwen at tno.nl
Mon Feb 5 15:53:59 CET 2007

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Call for Papers

Special session at Interspeech 2007:

Novel techniques for the NATO non-native military air traffic
controller database (nn-matc)

Following a series of special interest sessions and (satellite)
workshops, at Lisbon (1995), Leusden (NL, 1999) and Aalborg (2001),
the NATO research task group on speech and language technology, RTO
IST031-RTG013, organizes a special session at Interspeech 2007.  After
having studied various aspects of speech in noise, speech under
stress, and non-native speech, the research task group has been
studying the effects of all of these factors on various speech

To this end, the task group has collected a corpus of military Air
Traffic Control communication in Belgian air space.  This speech
material consists predominantly of non-native English speech, under
varying noise and channel conditions.  The database has been annotated
at several levels:

    * word transcriptions, which allow research to be conducted on
      automatic speech recognition and named entity extraction,
    * Speaker turns, identified by call signs, allowing for research
      in speaker recognition and clustering and tracking of

The database consists of 16 hours of training speech, plus one hour of
development and evaluation test sets.

The NATO research task group is making this annotated speech database
available for speech researchers, who want to develop novel algorithms
for this challenging material.  These new algorithms could include
noise-robust speaker recognition, robust speaker and accent adaptation
for ASR, and context driven named entity detection.  In order to
facilitate a common task, we have written a suggested test and
evaluation plan to guide researchers.  At the special session we will
discuss research results on this common data set.

More information on the special session, the database and the
evaluation plan can be found on the web-site



Researchers who are interested in contributing to this special session
are invited to submit a paper according to the regular submission
procedure of INTERSPEECH 2007, and to select `Novel techniques for the
NATO non-native Air Traffic Control database' in the special session
field of the paper submission form. The paper submission deadline is
March 23, 2007.


Session organizer:
David van Leeuwen
TNO Human Factors
P. O. Box 23
3769 ZG Soesterberg
The Netherlands

david.vanleeuwen at tno.nl

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