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Bulent Sankur bulent.sankur at boun.edu.tr
Mon Feb 12 16:04:59 CET 2007

Dear colleagues and students,

This summer we are organizing the eNTERFACE summer workshop between the 
dates July 16th-August 10th, on the campus of the Bogazici (Bosporus) 
University in Istanbul. Please take a look at our web site: 

The highlights of this one-month long workshop are as follows:

§        *Projects*: There will be ten projects, each attended by a team 
of 6 to 8 students. The outcome of the project will be a working 
software tool for visualization and multimodal interface, preferably an 
open one. A joint final project report is produced, which is intended to 
be the starting point of future publications.

§        *Teams*: The project team consists in majority of PhD 
candidates, though students at the master's level and even a B.S.-level 
can be admitted. The teams are formed based on their complementary 
skills and experience and interest. Technical committee in cooperation 
with advisors will select qualified applicants.

§        *Leaders*: Projects will be lead by advisors, often a faculty 
member or an expert from the industry.  Project advisors are expected to 
give guidance to the team members throughout the workshop duration. 
Advisors may alternate over weeks, and this fact creates an opportunity 
to interact with people of different backgrounds and expertise. 

§        *Seminars: *There will be several seminars by invited 
international speakers as well local faculty members. Invited speakers 
will be sponsored through various funds and will be requested to 
participate actively to the workshop for some time.

§        *Synergy*: An important raison d'être of this style of workshop 
is the synergy that is created by teams of M.Sc. and Ph.D. level 
students working together toward well-defined project tasks.  While each 
participant is actually working on software development for her/his 
thesis, the joint work achieves much more.  It is also a unique 
opportunity to collect data, e.g., biometric, behavioral, gestural etc.

§        *Success stories*: There have been a total of 17 projects 
undertaken in previous eNTERFACE workshops in Mons (2005) and Dubrovnik 
(2006), each replete with successes of its own. The results of these 
projects can be accessed at http://www.enterface.net/enterface06/ 
For example, one of these projects was  "Sign language tutoring tool" 
which aimed to teach 17 manual and non-manual signs from American Sign 
Language. The developed software displayed the videos on request, asked 
the user to perform the sign, evaluated the success based on the 
captured video, and gave feedback in terms of a synthesized avatar 
performing the sign. The project participants consisted of PhD students 
from Turkey, France, Czech Republic, Spain, and Belgium, and the 
collective effort resulted in a paper based on the work.

§         *Work and Fun*: Students as well as project advisors have been 
reporting past eNTERFACEs "it was a lot of fun, working in a team with 
young people from different countries". Previous workshops have had rich 
social programs consisting of trips, museum visits, music nights and 
folklore. We are planning to emulate the social program in Istanbul: 
there will be sightseeing tours of this unique historical city, nights 
on Bosporus and trips to nearby cities and sea resorts.

§        *Cost*: The estimated cost of the workshop is 700 Euros for 
food and lodging for one month, and plus the travel cost. Students are 
expected to find their own funds, e.g., SIMILAR projects being sponsored 
by their own project budgets etc.  There will be a number of 
scholarships for undergraduate students of partner institutions. 


Please check our web site: http://www.enterface.net/enterface07/ 
The organizers' e-mails are on the page. Please feel free to ask 
questions at any time. We would like to see you in Istanbul this summer. 
So, visit the project links, choose a project and apply! 

Lale Akarun
Levent Arslan
Burak Acar
Murat Saraçlar
Bülent Sankur

Prof. Dr. Bulent SANKUR

Department of Electrical-Electronic Engineering
Bogazici University
Bebek, Istanbul

Fax: 90 - 212 - 287 2465
Tel: 90 - 212 - 359 6455
Secr.90 - 212 - 359 6414 

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