[Elsnet-list] PhD/Postdoc positions in NLP: Community Mining / Semantic Information Retrieval / Discourse in Web 2.0

Dr. Iryna Gurevych gurevych at tk.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de
Tue Feb 20 09:59:25 CET 2007

PhD/Postdoc positions in NLP: Community Mining / Semantic Information Retrieval / Discourse in Web 2.0

Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing Group (Department of Telecooperation, 
Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany) has several openings in 
Natural Language Processing at the doctoral/postdoctoral level:

The first position (doc or post doc) is in the area of Community Mining, 
with a focus on recognizing trends and opinions about services in the 
Internet communities. Hereby, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and 
Machine Learning techniques will be utilized. The trends and opinions 
about services have to be extracted and summarized from the 
user-generated content.

The second position (doc or post doc) will investigate the use of 
information retrieval (IR) and NLP techniques in service discovery and 
retrieval. Hereby, natural language descriptions of services will be 
analyzed and semantically enhanced IR techniques will be employed to 
improve currently existing service search interfaces. Both positions are 
part of THESEUS, a large scale German project in semantic information 
processing. The research will be carried out in close cooperation with 
academic and industrial partners. The payment is according to the German 
public service scale (BAT).

The third position (post doc) has the focus on analyzing new types of 
discourse (user-generated content) related to Web 2.0 technologies, e.g. 
wikis, blogs, forums, etc. Accessing the knowledge contained in such 
documents has to be automatically supported, by e.g. assessing the 
quality, aggregating and summarizing the content. Related projects can 
be proposed by the applicant. This position is funded through the 
Research Program "Quality in eLearning through Regenerative Processes" 
by the German Research Council (DFG) and the Federal State of Hesse and 
has the duration of two years.

The candidates will work as part of Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing 
Group (http://www.ukp.tu-darmstadt.de/). The group uses and develops 
algorithms in the context of Natural Language Processing, Information 
Retrieval and Text Mining to solve problems related to answering 
information needs, finding and summarizing relevant information, mining 
structured information from unstructured documents and employing this 
knowledge to provide semantically enhanced information management 

Candidates should have a degree (Diploma, Master or PhD) in computer 
science, computational linguistics, or a related discipline. We assume 
strong programming skills and the ability to work in team with other 
researchers and industrial partners. The group strives for high 
international research standards. Therefore, relevant background, 
research experience and publications in NLP are a definite asset, 
especially for post doctoral applicants.

Any inquiries and/or electronic applications about the positions should 
be directed to:
Dr. Iryna Gurevych
Gurevych (at) tk (dot) informatik (dot) tu-darmstadt (dot) de

Please send a hard copy of your application to:
Prof. Dr. Max Mühlhäuser, Dr. Iryna Gurevych
Telecooperation, FB 20 Computer Science,
Technical University of Darmstadt
Hochschulstrasse 10, 64289 Darmstadt, Germany

Deadline for application: March, the 5th, 2007.

Applications arriving at a later date may be considered, if the 
positions are still open.

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