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- Title:
Linguistics in the Twenty First Century

- Editors:
Eloina Miyares Bermudez and Leonel Ruiz Miyares

- Year of publication:
December, 2006

- Place of publication:
Cambridge, United Kingdom

- Editorial:
Cambridge Scholar Press


- Number of pages:

- Price:

EUR: 80.00

UK: 44.99

US: 89.99

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- Abstract:

This book is the result of the cooperation between Cambridge Scholar Press
and the Centre for Applied Linguistics of the Ministry of Science,
Technology and the Environment of Santiago de Cuba. The present volume
is a peer-reviewed selection from the papers written in English that
were presented at the 9th International Symposium on Social Communication
(Santiago de Cuba, January 24-28, 2005).

The symposia are held by the Santiago-based institution every two years.
Since their inception in 1987, these meetings have provided an excellent
opportunity for scientific exchange among scholars from all continents,
through the presentation of papers, keynote speeches, and workshops focusing
on the most current and recent results of linguistics and other related
disciplines that are also invited to the event.

This volume includes 34 papers subdivided in eight sections:
General Linguistics (8), Phonetics (5), Lexicology (3),
Corpus Linguistics (2), Natural Language Processing (9),
Foreign Languages (3), Mass Media (2) and
Art, Ethnology and Folklore (2).

These articles provide an excellent overview of the current
state of research from around the world. Scholars came from
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Cuba, Spain,
United States, France, Greek, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Japan,
Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

It is important to highlight the presence in this book of
apers by some of the world's leading researchers in linguistics,
including Prof. Dr. Anton Nijholt, from Twente University, Enschede,
The Netherlands; Prof. Dr. Nicoletta Calzolari, director of the
prestigious Institute of Computational Linguistics of Pisa, Italy;
Prof. Dr. Michael Zock, from the Scientific Research Center of France;
Prof. Dr. Dieter Fensel, from the Digital Enterprise Research
Institute of Leopold-Franzens University, Innsbruck, Austria;
Prof Dr. Gloria Corpas Pastor from the University of Malaga, Spain;
and the doctors Iñaki Alegria, Xabier Arregi and Xabier Artola,
from the IXA Group of the Basque Country University.

- Index:

Preface /ix


Wim Vandenbussche, Eline Vanhecke, Roland Willemyns and Jetje de Groof
Language policy and language practice in official administrations in 19th century 
Flanders /3

Manuel Camacho Higareda
Evaluative action and the narrativization of morality in the community of Bullfight 
Aficionados /13

Mark Hopkins
Representations of English in Hong Kong’s postcolonial language planning and societal 
attitudes /23

Gaëtanelle Gilquin
Causing  oneself  to do something: the  psychodynamics  of  causative constructions /37

Gloria Corpas Pastor
Translation quality standards in Europe: an overview /47

Myriam Vermeerbergen
Sign languages: more of the same or not quite? /59

Rita Marinelli, Remo Bindi and Adriana Roventini
Metonymic and metaphorical uses of proper names /69

Shigeko Nariyama
‘Agent disguising constructions’ from a cross-linguistic perspective in natural language 
processing /79


Massimo Pettorino and Antonella Giannini
Italian TV Speech: a diachronic analysis /103

Silvia Calamai
Intrinsic  methods  in  vowel  normalization:  data from  Pisa and  Florence  
Italian /113

Aintzane Belamendia Alegría
An analysis on the vowel duration in the Basque spoken in Legorreta /125

Gwendolyn Lowes and Ausencia López Cruz
Potential aspect and the role of tone in two variants of Zapotec /135

Germán Bordel and others
Digital resources for automatic speech recognition of broadcast news in Basque and 
Spanish /145


Michael Zock
Needles in a haystack and how to find them? The case of lexical access/155

Choy-Kim Chuah
Specialised multilingual databases: motivation and construction /163

Rita Marinelli and Adriana Roventini
The Italian maritime lexicon and the ItalWordNet semantic database /173


Chris Reed
Preliminary results from an Argument Corpus /185

Bas Aarts and Sean Wallis
Recent developments in the syntactic annotation of corpora /197


Anton Nijholt
Human and virtual agents interacting in the virtuality continuum /205

Nicoletta Calzolari
Language Resources and Content Interoperability: technical, strategic and political 
issues for a new generation of Language Resources /215
Gaël Dias and Elsa Alves
Multilingual topic segmentation /229

Ying Ding and Dieter Fensel
Semantic Web powered portal infrastructure /253

Sylviane Cardey and Peter Greenfield
Systemic Linguistics with applications /261

Iñaki Alegria, Xabier Arregi, Xabier Artola, Mikel Astiz, Leonel Ruiz Miyares
Different issues in the design and development of the electronic Cuban Basic School 
Dictionary /273

Borbála Katalin Benko
Increasing the syntactical parse efficiency using “strong rules” /289

Luis A. Pineda and Ivan V. Meza
Pronominal clitic composition and subsumption in Spanish /299

Tamás Katona and Borbála Katalin Benko
Information retrieval in homogeneous document sets using syntactical parse 
information /307


Adelaida Jurado-Spuch
Writing activities should be as much concerned with process as with product /319

Miguel Mantero
Applied Literacy and inquiry in foreign language education /329

Olga Sánchez Castro
Learners’ perceived self-efficacy and interaction patterns in synchronous computer 
mediated communication /339


James Winter and Robert Everton
Jimmy Carter’s trip to Cuba: a critical analysis /349

Stelios Piperidis, Iason Demiros and Prokopis Prokopidis
Infrastructure for a multilingual subtitle generation system /369


June Factor and Gwenda Beed Davey
Tradition and innovation in Australian children’s verbal folklore /381

Frank Sligo and Margie Comrie
Towards building a community of common purpose in a research programme exploring the 
Literacy and Employment Nexus /387

Announcement of 10th International Symposium on Social Communication, Centre for Applied 
Linguistics, January 2007 /397

Alphabetic index of the main authors /409

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