[Elsnet-list] CFP: IE07 Special Session on Communicating with your Personal Environment

Jan Alexandersson janal at dfki.de
Thu Feb 22 14:53:22 CET 2007

Communicating with your Personal Environment

Special Session at the  the 3rd IET International Conference on  
Intelligent Environments - IE07, Ulm University, Germany, September  
24-25, 2007

Submision DEADLINE: March 15, 2007

Tomorrows environment will allow for the access to multiple devices  
in a personal environment, such as TV, EPG, lamps, washing machines,  
an perhaps a variety of robots: vacuum cleaners, humanoid-like house  
servants etc. Users may employ advanced remote communication devices  
and interact with multiple modalities, such as, speech and gestures  
to control all these devices coherently.

Even though research in the area of smart homes and intelligent  
environments has produced a lot of demonstration systems up to whole  
intelligent houses, the reality still leaves us with multiple,  
independent "classical" control devices. These are typically static  
in their interaction style as well as mono-directional, i.e., the  
remote has no notion of success or failure.

In this special session we will address topics especially focused on  
the user interaction experience in IEs. Topics are

Why have smart environments not yet made it to the broad audience:
	Is the user interface good enough?
	Are the technical solutions understandable for the end users?
Open standards for intelligent environments, especially for user  
Usability issues:
	adaptable user interfaces
	communication paradigms
	coherent communication across devices
	user-centred design

We invite papers not only about completed work but also reports from  
positive and negative experiences with interfaces for IE. New ideas  
and approaches to interaction with IEs are especially welcome even if  
they are speculative and still have to be proven.

Organizers: Jan Alexandersson and Norbert Reithinger, DFKI, Germany

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