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UI Design Engineer (Speech)
Presented by  www.voxid.co.uk  
As a Design Engineer, you will support multiple Design
Leaders, creating a successful experience in this new medium for tens of
thousands of callers each day.    In performing these tasks, you will
apply industry-leading standards for user engagement, expert knowledge
of speech recognition, synthesis, and dialog technology, and
professional intuition about what it takes to actively engage a user and
build a reciprocal sense of collaboration within a single phone call.
As a Design Engineer, you'll be expected to complement the vision of our
clients and Design Leaders, while always providing your own critical
perspective on maximizing callers' and clients' success.  
*Under the direction of Design Leaders and Professional Services
*Contribute to effective speech user interface designs, specifying call
flow, dialogs, and prompts
*Ensure the integrity of our specifications:  modifying them to satisfy
evolving client requirements; detailing recognizer & dialog manager
behaviour; and coordinating visual, detail, and conversational views on
these specifications
*Assist in implementing these designs, including interacting with
developers, directing voice talents, processing audio, and QA'ing prompt
inventories and applications
*Define, organize, execute, and report on Usability Tests for a wide
variety of applications 
*Analyze performance of the user interface in the field and recommend
specific changes to improve caller satisfaction and transaction
*Implement desirable design changes discovered in usability and in the
*Use your experience on your specific projects to augment our evolving
body of best practices.
*The ability to create and manage large complicated documents with
precision and style.
*Pro-actively manage your billable time, to optimize your availability
for multiple projects
You must supply the following credentials:
*         BS or equivalent experience in human factors engineering,
product interface design, cognitive science, experimental psychology,
technical writing, or a similar degree
*         Either a Master's degree in Human Factors/CHI, technical
writing, OR 2+ years industry experience in user-centered design or data
*         Native-level English fluency 
*         Experience in usability testing
*         Ability to travel within the U.S. and Canada up to four days
per month
*         Be able to actively participate as an individual contributor,
but be comfortable working under the direction of a Design Leader
*         Strong Microsoft Windows skills, including MS Office
Strong candidates will also have the following:
*         Professional or college-level experience with speech
recognition software and/or involving telephony
*         Experience with Natural Language speech user interface design
*         Demonstrable audio engineering experience and flair
*         Professional writing experience
*         Experience working in a recording studio, as or with
professional voice talent
*         Programming skills in Perl and/or VB
*         A challenging position at international level in a global
company, offering real development opportunities. 
*         Full time, located in our United Kingdom Office.
*         Very competitive Salary
"Opening your eyes to the future of technical recruitment"
Technical Identity 
No.2 London Wall Buildings,
'  +44 (0)207 993 2974 (DD)
web site:  <http://www.techid.co.uk/> www.voxid.co.uk  




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