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Call for Papers:
- Symposium on Natural Language Processing
- at EMCSR 2008 (Symposium "M")
- http://www.osgk.ac.at/emcsr/
- Deadline: November 4, 2007
- Conference will be from March 25-28, 2008
- Vienna, Austria

                       NINETEENTH EUROPEAN MEETING



                              (EMCSR 2008)

                          March 25 - 28, 2008

                          UNIVERSITY OF VIENNA

          organized by the Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies
                           in cooperation with the
       Institute of Medical Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence,
          Center for Brain Research, Medical University of Vienna
                                   and the
                International Federation for Systems Research

                                * * * * *

  An electronic version of this CfP (and further information
  whenever it becomes available) can be found at


                                * * * * *

  The international support of the European Meetings on Cybernetics
  and Systems Research held in Austria in 1972, 1974, 1976, 1978,
  1980, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000,
  2002, 2004 and 2006 (when 500 scientists from more than 40
  countries from all continents, except the Antarctica, met to
  present, hear and discuss 137 papers) encouraged the Council
  of the Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies (OSGK) to organize
  a similar meeting in 2008 to keep pace with continued rapid
  developments in related fields.

                                * * * * *


  A  Systems Science
       R.Belohlavek, USA, and P.Prautsch, Czech Republic
  B  Mathematical Methods in Cybernetics and Systems Theory
       Y.Rav, France, and J.Scharinger, Austria
  C  The Cybernetics of Cybernetics: Cybernetics, Interaction
     and Conversation
       R.Glanville, UK
  D  Living Systems Theory
       G.A.Swanson, USA
  E  Biocybernetics and Mathematical Biology
       L.M.Ricciardi, Italy
  F  Cultural Systems
       M.Fischer, UK, and D.Read, USA
  G  Cognitive Rationality, Relativity and Clarity
       I.Ezhkova, Belgium
  H  Management, Organizational Change, and Innovation
       M.Mulej, Slovenia
  I  Socio-technical Systems: Design and Use
       G.Chroust, Austria, and S.Payr, Austria
  J  Neural Computation and Neuroinformatics
       G.Dorffner, Austria
  K  ACE 2008: Agent Construction and Emotions
       J.Gratch, USA, and P.Petta, Austria
  L  Agent-Based Modeling & Simulation
       S.Bandini, Italy, and G.Vizzari, Italy
  M  Natural Language Processing
       E.Buchberger, Austria, and K.Oliva, Czech Republic
  N  Theory and Applications of Artificial Intelligence
       V.Marik, Czech Republic, and O.Stepankova, Czech Republic
  O  Systems Movement and Systems Organisations -
     Challenges, Visions and Roadmaps
       G.Chroust, Austria, and M.Mulej, Slovenia


Submission Guidelines

Acceptance of contributions will be determined on the basis of
Draft Final Papers. Each paper must explain clearly

      - what problem it is trying to address,
      - what has been tried before and why it isn't good enough,
      - some proof that your method is sound (or reference to it),
      - how it will help others/apply to other problems,
      - some results/proof it works.

Draft Final Papers must not exceed 6 pages (10-point,
double column, for style sheet see website), in English. They have
to contain the final text to be submitted, including graphs and

They must carry title, author(s) name(s), and affiliation
(incl. e-mail address) in this order, and must include an

Please specify clearly the symposium you would like to submit
your paper to. Each scientist shall submit only ONE paper.

Authors should submit their manuscripts in electronic form by
email addressed to

sec at ofai.at

Please send your paper as attachment in .PDF format only!  Please
use the following  subject header for your email: "EM08_letter
of the Symposium you want to submit your paper to _Name of
corresponding author", e.g. "EM08_A_Meyer". This should also be the
filename of the manuscript. Thank you.


Deadline for submission

                           November 4, 2007

Submissions received after the deadline cannot be considered.

Authors will be notified about acceptance or rejection no later
than December 16, 2007.


Final Papers

Electronic camera-ready copies of the final paper will be due by
January 30, 2008. Acceptance of the final paper will be based on
compliance with the reviewers' comments.



It is understood that each accepted paper is to be presented
personally at the Meeting by one of its authors.


Conference Fee

EUR 250,-- if received before January 30, 2008
EUR 300,-- if received later (only participants without paper
EUR 350,-- if paid at the conference desk (only participants without
paper contribution)

The Final Paper must be accompanied by the payment of the
Conference Fee.

The Conference Fee includes participation in the Nineteenth
European Meeting, attendance at the official reception, coffee
during breaks, and the volumes of the proceedings available at the
Meeting. Please send cheque, or transfer the amount (free of
charges for beneficiary) to the account no. 0026-34400/00 of the
Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies at Bank Austria
Creditanstalt, Vienna
bank routing number: 12000,
IBAN: AT11 1100 0002 6344 0000,

Please state your name clearly.


Hotel Accommodation

will be handled by

Friedrichstraße 7
A-1010 Vienna
phone +43-1-58800-514
fax +43-1-58800-520.



The International Federation for Systems Research is willing to
provide a limited number of scholarships covering the registration
fee for the conference for colleagues from weak currency countries.
Applications should be sent to the Conference Secretariat
***before*** November 4, 2007 under all circumstances.



The conference organizers can accept no liability for personal
injuries, or for loss or damage to property belonging to
conference participants, either during or as a result of the
conference. Please check the validity of your personal insurance.


Chairman of the Meeting

Robert Trappl, President
Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies


I. Ghobrial-Willmann and U. Schulz
Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies
A-1010 Vienna 1, Freyung 6/6 (Austria)
Phone: +43-1-5336112-60
Fax: +43-1-5336112-77
E-mail: sec at ofai.at

Programme Committee

  P. Ballonoff (USA)              K. Oliva (Czech Republic)
  S. Bandini (Italy)              S. Payr (Austria)
  R. Belohlavek (USA)             P. Petta (Austria)
  E. Buchberger (Austria)         P. Prautsch (Czech Republic)
  G. Chroust (Austria)            Y. Rav (France)
  G. Dorffner (Austria)           D. Read (USA)
  I. Ezhkova (Belgium)            L. M. Ricciardi (Italy)
  M. Fischer (UK)                 J. Scharinger (Austria)
  R. Glanville (UK)               O. Stepankova (Czech Republic)
  J. Gratch (USA)                 G.A. Swanson (USA)
  V. Marik (Czech Republic)       R. Trappl (Austria)
  M. Mulej (Slovenia)             G. Vizzari (Italy)

Organizing Committee

   E. Buchberger             F. Kintzler
   G. Chroust                J. Matiasek
   I. Ghobrial-Willmann      P. Petta
   W. Horn                   U. Schulz
   J. Irran                  R. Trappl

               PAPER SUBMISSION DEADLINE: November 4, 2007




   Electronic registration is possible via


Ernst Buchberger,  Inst. of Med.Cybernetics & Artificial Intelligence,
Center for Brain Research,  Medical University of Vienna,   Freyung 6,
A-1010 Vienna,  Austria,                    Phone:  +(43-1)4277-63117,
Fax: +(43-1)4277-9631,        Email: ernst.buchberger at meduniwien.ac.at

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