[Elsnet-list] RISE 2007 - 4th Intl. Workshop. CFP on Rapid Integration of Software Engineering techniques

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RISE 2007, 4th International Workshop on
Rapid Integration of Software Engineering techniques
November 26-27, 2007
Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG

RISE 2007 is an international forum for researchers and  
practitioners interested in the advancement and rapid application  
of novel, integrated, or practical software
engineering approaches, being part of a methodological framework,  
that apply to the development of either new or evolving  
applications and systems. It provides a nice
opportunity to present and discuss the latest research results and  
ideas in the rapid and effective integration of software  
engineering techniques.

All papers submitted to this workshop will be peer reviewed by at  
least two members of the International Programme Committee.  
Acceptance will be primarily based on originality and contribution to the area.

We will submit the post-proceedings of the workshop for publication  
in the Springer Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)  
Series. The LNCS are published as printed books and
as full-text electronic versions ( http://www.springer.de/ comp/lncs/ index.html). 
The proceedings of RISE 2006 are available in LNCS  Volume 4401
and the 2005 edition will be available as LNCS Volume 3943.

- The European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics
(ERCIM - http://www.ercim.org ).
- FNR - Luxembourg National Research Fund (http://www.fnr.lu).
- Lassy - Laboratory for Advanced Software Systems, University of
Luxembourg (http://lassy.uni.lu ).

RISE 2007 will be held in Luxembourg ( http://www.luxembourg.co.uk/nutshell.html) at the Kirchberg campus of the University of Luxembourg (http://www.uni.lu). This building was formerly known as 'Institut Supérieur de Technologie' (IST). 


Main topics

The following constitute the core list of the key software  
engineering domains that form the focal point of the RISE workshop.  
However, this list should
not be considered as closed or technically restrictive for paper  
- Software and system architectures
- Software reuse
- Software testing
- Software model checking
- Model driven design and testing techniques
- Model transformation
- Requirements engineering
- Lightweight or practice-oriented formal methods
- Software processes and software metrics
- Automated software engineering
- Software patterns
- Design by contract
- Defensive programming
- Software entropy and software re-factoring
- Extreme programming
- Agile software development
- Programming languages
- Software dependability and trustworthiness

Key applications domains

There are specific targeted application domains of particular  
interest to the RISE workshop, meaning submissions may well  
negotiate a domain-
specific software engineering method; the following list is not  
- Web-based software systems
- Mobile communication systems
- High-availability or mission-critical systems
- Resilient business and grid applications
- Ambient intelligence environments
- Embedded systems and applications
- User interface development
- Development environments
- Electronic entertainment
- Enterprise computing and applications

Nicolas Guelfi,  FNR, University of Luxembourg 

Aagesen  Finn Arve, NTNU,  Norway
Avgeriou Paris, University of Groningen,  The Netherlands
Bertolino Antonia, CNR-ISTI,  Italy
Bicarregui Juan, CCLRC,  UK
Born Marc, Fraunhofer FOKUS,  Germany
Buchs Didier, University of Geneva,  Switzerland
Carrez Cyril, NTNU,   Norway
Dony Christophe, LIRMM,  France
Fitzgerald John, DCS, Newcastle,  UK
Grandry Eric, CRP Henri-Tudor, Luxembourg 
Greenough Chris, CCLRC-CSE CG,  UK
Guelfi Nicolas, FNR,   Luxembourg
Haajanen Jyrki, VTT,   Finland
Issarny Valerie, INRIA,  France
Klint Paul, CWI,   The Netherlands
Mistrik Ivan, Fraunhofer IPSI IM,  Germany
Moeller Eckhard, Fraunhofer FOKUS,  Germany
Monostori Laszlo, SZTAKI,  Hungary
Nawrocki Jerzy, Poznan University of Technology, Poland
Pimentel Ernesto, SpaRCIM,  Spain
Reggio Gianna, ISI, Genoa,  Italy
Romanovsky Alexander, DCS, Newcastle,  UK
Savidis Anthony, FORTH-ICS,  Greece
Schieferdecker Ina, Fraunhofer FOKUS,  Germany

Foundational papers, tools papers and experience papers can be  
submitted electronically via the RISE 2007 web site at http://rise2007.uni.lu. 
All submissions should be in Adobe Acrobat or Postscript format.  
Authors should follow the instructions at: http://www.springer.de/ comp/lncs/authors.html. 
All papers will be peer reviewed by at least two members of the international program  
committee, according to criteria of scientific quality, technical  
soundness, innovation, writing and presentation quality, and relevance to the workshop topics.

The page limit for final papers is sixteen (16) pages (~6000  
words). All submissions must be received electronically no later  
than the submission deadline. It should be
noted that hard copy submissions are not accepted. Please also  
consider that one of the authors has to present the paper at the  
workshop, and that for the final submission
one of the authors will have to sign a relevant LNCS copyright  
transfer agreement. Finally, the authors are kindly expected to  
respect the dates for submission of the final
camera- ready versions, as well as for the workshop registration,  
so that the paper can be included in the workshop proceedings.

Submissions due : September 20, 2007
Notification of acceptance : October 19, 2007 
Registration and submission of final papers : November 1st, 2007 

At least one of the paper authors should both register and  
participate in the workshop, giving a technical oral presentation.  
The registration fee covers the

- Reception dinner ticket;
- Workshop lunch buffer and coffee breaks;
- One copy of the pre and post proceedings;

Please check at the workshop web site for registration details.

For the presentations, in case you need a special
type of audiovisual equipment kindly let us know early enough (see  
contact details below) so that we can appropriately accommodate  
your requirements.

For more information, or to be placed on our mailing list, please  
use the contact details below, referring explicitly to RISE 2007:

RISE 2007 Secretariat
University of Luxembourg
Faculty of Sciences, Technologies and Communication
Software Engineering Competence Center
6 , rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi
L-1359 Luxembourg-Kirchberg, LUXEMBOURG

phone: +352 46 66 54 14 or +352 46 66 44 52 51
fax: +352 43 21 24
E-mail: rise2007 at uni.lu
Web Site: http://rise2007.uni.lu

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