[Elsnet-list] Announcement : Speech Separation Challenge Part 2. Eval data now available.

Mike Lincoln mlincol1 at inf.ed.ac.uk
Wed Mar 14 17:27:58 CET 2007

Dear all,

Further to my previous announcement concerning the Speech Separation 
Challenge Part 2, please note that the final evaluation data set is now 
available from the challenge web site. For full details of the 
challenge see below.

Please note the extended deadline for paper submissions of May 1st.


Mike Lincoln


Speech Separation Challenge 2!

As a follow on to the highly successful PASCAL Speech Separation Challenge 
(http://www.dcs.shef.ac.uk/~martin/SpeechSeparationChallenge.htm) we are 
pleased to announce the Speech Separation Challenge Part 2! The new task 
addresses the problem of separating and recognising overlapping speech from 
multi-channel recordings made in realistic environments. Results will be 
presented at a special session of MLMI07 
(http://www.mlmi07.org/index.php?id=home) taking place in Brno in the Czech 
Republic from 28-30 June 2007.

The task is to separate the speech of 2 overlapping speakers recorded in a real 
meeting room using two eight element microphone arrays, and subsequently 
recognise each speaker. Large quantities of development data are provided. The 
speakers read Wall Street Journal sentences, and a standard WSJ recogniser is 
provided for recognition of the separated speech, although participants are 
welcome to use their own recognition systems if they wish.

Contributions are welcomed from a variety of different approaches including 
well-known existing algorithms such as blind source separation and beamforming, 
as well as novel techniques.

Full details of the challenge plus downloads for the data and default 
recognition system are available from the challenge website :


* Submission deadline for MLMI07 papers for the SSC2 special session is 
May 1st 2007 (note, this is later than the standard MLMI paper 
submission deadline)

Best regards

Mike Lincoln


Mike Lincoln
Centre for Speech Technology Research
University of Edinburgh


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