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Workshop Logic, Rationality and Interaction, 5-9 August, 2007.
URL: http://www.illc.uva.nl/LORI
Beijing, China.

*About the Workshop*

In the past decade it has become increasingly clear that studying
information, first and foremost, means studying information exchange. 
This acknowledgement of the inherently social character of information 
shows up at many places in modern logical theories. More generally, 
information exchange is a form of interaction where agents act together 
in strategic ways. This new perspective has led to contacts between 
logic and game theory, bringing a new set of disciplines into the scope 
of logic: viz., economics, and the social sciences. New interfaces are 
arising, such as epistemic studies of rational behavior in games. 
Another interesting development in this area is the rise of the notion 
of 'social software', the idea of using computational techniques for 
analyzing patterns of social behavior. And finally, interaction is also 
  crucial to intelligent behavior in the field of natural language. Here 
pragmatics, the study of the actual use of language between different 
agents, has become the primary focus of research. Notions from game 
theory, in particular evolutionary games, are being used to-day to 
answer all kinds of pragmatic issues, for instance, how linguistic 
conventions can arise.  This workshop aims to bring together researchers 
working on these and related topics in logic, philosophy, computer 
science, and related areas in order to arrive at an integrated 
perspective on knowledge acquisition, information exchange, and rational 

*Call for papers*

Researchers from various fields, including artificial intelligence, game
theory, linguistics, logic, philosophy, and cognitive science are 
invited to submit a paper to this workshop which aims to arrive at an
interdisciplinary perspective on knowledge acquisition, information
exchange, and rational action. Topics of interest include, but are not
limited to

     a. semantic models for knowledge, for belief, and for uncertainty
     b. dynamic logics of knowledge, information flow, and action
     c. logical analysis of the structure of games
     d. belief revision, belief merging
     e. logics for preferences and utilities
     f. logics of probability and uncertainty

All researchers in the area are invited to submit a paper of 12 pages.
Each paper should include a title, the names and contact details of all
authors, and a short abstract of 100-300 words. Talks will be 45 minutes
long, including 10 - 15 minutes for discussion. The detailed submission
procedure will be specified soon. A selection of the accepted papers 
will be published in a special issue of 'Knowledge, Rationality and Action'.

*Important Dates*

     a.  Paper submission deadline: 15 April 2007
     b.  Notification of authors: 7 May 2007
     c.  Camera-ready copies due: 1 June 2007
     d.  Workshop dates: 5-9 August 2007

*People involved*

Chair: Johan van Benthem
Co-Chairs: Shier Ju and Frank Veltman
General Organizers : Minghui Xiong and Fenrong Liu

Invited Speakers
        a. Alexandru Baltag (Oxford University, UK)
        b. Vincent F. Hendricks (Roskilde University, Denmark)
        c. Wiebe van der Hoek (Liverpool University, UK)
        d. Gerhard Jager (University of Bielefeld, Germany)
        e. Yossi Feinberg (Stanford University, USA)
        f. Jialong Zhang (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China)

Programme Committee

The Programme Committee consists of chairs and invited speakers.

Committee of Recommendation

        a. Patrick Blackburn (European Association of Logic, Language and
        b. Giacomo Bonanno (LOFT)
        c. Joseph Halpern (TARK)
        d. Johann Makowsky ( EACSL)
        e. Jacek Malinowski (Studia Logica)
        f. Gabriel Sandu (ESF Eurocores Intelligent Interaction)


If you have any questions or comments regarding the organization of the
workshop or the paper submission procedure, please do not hesitate to
contact us:
         a. Minghui Xiong (email: hssxmh at mail.sysu.edu.cn)
         b.  Fenrong Liu (email: fenrong at science.uva.nl)

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