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The 12th International Conference on Speech and Computer

October 15-18, 2007

Organized by Moscow State Linguistic University

General Chair:

Prof. Irina Khaleeva
(Moscow State Linguistic University)


Prof. Rodmonga Potapova
(Moscow State Linguistic University)


SPECOM'07 is the twelfth conference in the annual series of SPECOM 
events. It is organized by Moscow State
Linguistic University and will be held in Moscow, Russia, under the 
sponsorship of Russian Foundation for Basic
Research (RFBR), Ministry of Education and Science of Russian 
Federation, the International Speech Communication
Association (ISCA) and others.
SPECOM'07 will cover various aspects of speech science and technology. 
The program of the conference will
include keynote lectures by internationally renowned scientists, 
parallel oral and poster sessions and an
exhibition. The sci-tech exhibition that will be held during the 
conference will be open to companies and
research institutions.
The official language of the Conference will be English.

SPECOM'07 Important Dates

Paper submission opening
February 1, 2007

Full paper deadline
April 25, 2007

Notification of paper acceptance
May 25, 2007

October 15-18, 2007


o Speech signal coding and decoding; multi-channel transmitted speech 
intelligibility; speech information security
o Speech production and perception modeling
o Automatic processing of multilingual, multimodal and multimedia 
o Linguistic, para- and extralinguistic communicative strategies
o Development and testing of automatic voice and speech systems for 
speaker verification; speaker psychoemotional state and native language 
o Automatic speech recognition and understanding systems
o Language and speech information processing systems for robotechnics
o Automated translation systems
o New information technologies for spoken language acquisition, 
development and learning
o Text-to-speech conversion systems
o Spoken and written natural language corpora linguistics
o Multifunctional expert and information retrieval systems
o Future of multi-purpose and anti-terrorist speech technologies


The deadline for full paper submission (4-6 pages) is April 25, 2007. 
Papers are to be sent by e-mail to
specom2007 at mail.ru. All manuscripts must be in English. Please note that 
the size of a single letter must not
exceed 10 Megabytes (that is, the total size of all the attached files 
should not be greater than 7 Megabytes to
leave room for recoding operations performed by the e-mail software). In 
case the paper files are larger than 7
Megabytes, it is recommended to pack them into a split WinRar or WinZip 
archive and send part by part in a
series of letter.
All the papers will be reviewed by an international scientific 
committee. Each author will be notified by
e-mail of the acceptance or rejection of her/his paper by May 30, 2007. 
Minor updates of accepted papers will be
allowed during May 30 - June 15, 2007.


Submission of a paper or poster is more likely to be accepted if it is 
original, innovative, and contributes to
the practice of worldwide scientific communication. Quality of work, 
clarity and completeness of the submitted
materials will be considered.


Online registration service is due to open soon.
The registration fees are planned to be approximately as follows:

500 EUR

Students/PG Students
200 EUR

NIS (New Independent States), Regular
300 EUR

NIS, Students/PG Students
100 EUR

Russia, Regular
150 EUR

Russia, Students/PG Students (no Proceedings)

Extra Copy of Proceedings (hard copy)
20 EUR

Extra Proceedings CD/DVD
10 EUR

Information regarding accommodation costs will be available later.


In the following you will find guidelines for preparing your full paper 
to SPECOM'07 electronically.
╥       To achieve the best viewing experience both for the Proceedings 
and the CD (or DVD), we strongly
encourage you to use Times Roman font. This is needed in order to give 
the Proceedings a uniform look. Please
use the attached printable version of this newsletter as a model.
╥       Authors are requested to submit PDF files of their manuscripts, 
generated from the original Microsoft
Word sources. PDF files can be generated with commercially available 
tools or with free software such as
╥       Paper Title - The paper title must be in boldface. All 
non-function words must be capitalized, and all
other words in the title must be lower case. The paper title is centered.
╥       Authors' Names - The authors' names (italicized) and 
affiliations (not italicized) appear centered
below the paper title.
╥       Abstract - Each paper must contain an abstract that appears at 
the beginning of the paper.
╥       Major Headings - Major headings are in boldface.
╥       Sub Headings - Sub headings appear like major headings, except 
that they are in italics and not bold
╥       References - Number and list all references at the end of the 
paper. The references are numbered in
order of appearance in the document. When referring to them in the text, 
type the corresponding reference number
in square brackets as shown at the end of this sentence [1].
╥       Illustrations - Illustrations must appear within the designated 
margins, and must be positioned within
the paper margins. Caption and number every illustration. All half-tone 
or color illustrations must be clear
when printed in black and white. Line drawings must be made in black ink 
on white paper.
╥       Do NOT include headers and footers. The page numbers, session 
numbers and conference identification
will be inserted automatically in a post processing step, at the time of 
printing the Proceedings.
╥       Apart from the paper in PDF format, authors can upload 
multimedia files to illustrate their submission.
Multimedia files can be used to include materials such as sound files or 
movies. The proceedings CD (DVD) will
NOT contain readers or players, so only widely accepted file formats 
should be used, such as MPEG, Windows WAVE
PCM (.wav) or Windows Media Video (.wmv), using only standard codecs to 
maximize compatibility. Authors must
ensure that they have sufficient author rights to the material that they 
submit for publication. Archives (RAR,
ZIP or ARJ format) are allowed. The archives will be unpacked on the CD 
(DVD), so that authors can refer to the
file name of the multimedia illustration from within their paper. The 
submitted files will be accessible from
the abstract card on the CD (DVD) and via a bookmark in the manuscript. 
We advise to use SHORT but meaningful
file names. The total unzipped size of the multimedia files should be 
reasonable. It is recommended that they do
not exceed 32 Megabytes.
╥       Although no copyright forms are required, the authors must agree 
that their contribution, when
accepted, will be archived by the Organizing Committee.
╥       Authors must proofread their manuscripts before submission and 
they must proofread the exact files
which they submit.


Only electronic presentations are accepted. PowerPoint presentations can 
be supplied on CD, DVD, FD or USB
Flash drives.
Designated poster space will be wooden or felt boards. The space 
allotted to one speaker will measure 100 cm
(width) x 122 cm (height). Posters will be attached to the boards using 
pushpins. Pins will be provided.
Thanks for following all of these instructions carefully!
If you have any questions or comments concerning the submission, please 
don't hesitate to contact the
conference organizers at specom2007 at mail.ru.
Please address all technical issues or questions regarding paper 
submission or presentation to our technical
assistant Nikolay Bobrov at specomtech at yandex.ru.

Professor Rodmonga Potapova,
Head of Applied and Experimental Linguistics Department of the Moscow 
State Linguistic University
Head of the Centre for Fundamental and Applied Speechology at the Moscow 
State Linguistic University
Russia, 119992, Moscow, Ostozhenka 38.
Tel.: +7 495 6375697
Fax: +7 495 2462807; +7 495 2451821
e-mail: specom2007 at mail.ru

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