[Elsnet-list] Translation Wikified: How will Massive Online Collaboration Impact the World of Translation?

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A Conference organised by Aslib and supported by EAMT, BCS, IAMT, ITI, IoL,

We are pleased to announce the keynote address at this year's conference:

Translation Wikified: How will Massive Online Collaboration Impact the World of
Alain Désilets, National Research Council of Canada

Massively collaborative sites like wikipedia, YouTube and SecondLife are
revolutionizing the way in which content is produced and consumed world wide.
They are part of a broader wave of open collaboration that includes things like
open-source software, blogs, Creative Commons licensing and free culture. These
fundamentally collaborative technologies and paradigms are bound to have a
profound impact on the way that content is not only produced, but also
translated. In this talk, we will sample a number of translation related
questions that naturally arise in this new frontier. For example, what does it
mean to translate content that is constantly being edited collaboratively by a
large community of anonymous authors? How might translators benefit from open,
wiki-like translation resources? In a world where anyone can write and publish
original content in their native language, will we need to cover more language
pairs, and if so, how might Machine Translation technology help? Could massively
collaborative technologies save freelance translators from extinction by
allowing them to bid on parts of large contracts without giving up their
autonomy and by allowing them to share expertise within the context of a
world-wide community of practice? Will we see the emergence of a new breed of
"amateur" volunteer translators and will this result in a de-skilling of the
translation profession? How can organisations best leverage the collaborative
energy of this new breed of translators? How do we ensure the quality of
translations and translation resources in such a seemingly chaotic collaborative
environment? Can massively collaborative technologies help save minority
languages from extinction? Can teachers of translation take advantage of such
technologies to provide students with real-life translation experience early on
in their training?  We will illustrate questions like those with real-life
examples of projects and trends that are currently happening. Using those
examples, we will show how mass collaboration technology sometimes introduces
new problems, while in other cases it helps solve them or even creates exciting
new opportunities and niches that did not exist before.

Speaker Biography
Alain Désilets is a Research Officer at the Institute for Information Technology
of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), and an active member of the
Language Technology Research Center, a joint initiative between the NRC,
Université du Québec en Outaouais, and the Translation Bureau of Canada. For
more than a decade, he has been doing research on applications of human language
technologies (speech recognition, machine translation, bilingual text alignment
and text mining), always with a strong emphasis on meeting genuine needs of end
user. He is also very active in the area of collaborative wiki tools, and was
general chair for the international WikiSym 2007 conference held in Montreal,
Canada last October. He is co-founder of LOPLT, a multidisciplinary group of 8
researchers from NRC and Université du Québec en Outaouais that aims at better
understanding the technological needs of professional translators by observing
and interviewing them in action in their normal workplace.  His latest work has
focused on computer-assisted translation technology, with an emphasis on tools
to help translators collaborate and share knowledge within world-wide
communities of practice. 

Full details of the conference can be found at: www.aslib.com/conferences

You will also find details of how to exhibit (we have two spaces left) or
sponsor the event.

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