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IUI-2008 - ACM Conference Intelligent User Interfaces, January 13-16,
2008, Canary Islands


Last Call for Workshop Papers: Papers due next Wednesday, November 21!
(see also below and http://www.iuiconf.org/08workshops.html):

W1: Enculturating Conversational Interfaces by Socio-cultural Aspects of
W2: International Workshop on IUI for Ambient Assisted Living (IUI4AAL 2008)
W3: Intelligent User Interfaces for Developing Regions
W4: 5th International workshop on Ubiquitous User Modeling
W5: Recommendation and Collaboration (ReColl)
W6: Common Sense Knowledge and Goal-Oriented Interfaces (CSKGOI 2008)


Invited Speakers:
Ted Berger, USC, speaks on Brain-computer interfaces
Enrico Motta, Open University, speaks on Semantic Web and IUI


Registration now open: http://www.iuiconf.org/registration.html


List of accepted papers: see down below



T1: Joemon M Jose, U of Glasgow: Adaptive and Context-Sensitive
Information Retrieval Systems
T2: Martin Dzbor, OU: Semantic Web for Computer and Users?

More at: http://www.iuiconf.org/08tutorials.html


Workshop 1: Enculturating Conversational Interfaces by Socio-cultural
Aspects of Communication

The workshop aims at enculturating conversational interfaces by
discussing computationally viable models of cultural aspects of
conversations which should be grounded reliable empirical data on
cultural/cross-cultural interaction.

Matthias Rehm, University of Augsburg
Elisabeth André, University of Augsburg
Yukiko Nakano, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Toyoaki Nishida, Kyoto University

URL: http://mm-werkstatt.informatik.uni-augsburg.de/ECI/


Workshop 2

International Workshop on IUI for Ambient Assisted Living (IUI4AAL 2008)

This workshop aims at identifying challenges and setting up a research
community for discussing and sharing possible solutions for IUI in the
emerging area of Assisted Living

Kizito Ssamula Mukasa, Fraunhofer IESE, Germany
Andreas Holzinger, Medical University Graz, Austria
Arthur Karshmer, University of San Francisco, USA

URL: http://www.iese.fraunhofer.de/download/iui4aal


Workshop 3

Intelligent User Interfaces for Developing Regions

This workshop aims to focus on easy-to-use and affordable, yet powerful,
user interfaces that can be used by people in developing regions where
literacy and cost are a challenge.

Sheetal K. Agarwal, IBM Research, India
John Canny, UC Berkeley, USA
Apala Lahiri Chavan, Human Factors International, India
Nitendra Rajput, IBM Research, India

URL: http://research.ihost.com/iui4dr


Workshop 4

5th International workshop on Ubiquitous User Modeling

Ubiquitous user modeling describes ongoing modeling and exploitation of
user behaviour with a variety of systems that share their user models.
The workshop brings together academia and industry to discuss important
issues and trends.

Shlomo Berkovsky <http://www.cs.mu.oz.au/%7Eshlomo/>, University of
Haifa, Israel
Dominik Heckmann <http://www.dfki.de/%7Eheckmann>, German Research
Center for Artificial Intelligence, Germany
Antonio Krüger <http://ifgi.uni-muenster.de/%7Ekruegera/>, University of
Münster, Germany
Tsvi Kuflik <http://mis.hevra.haifa.ac.il/%7Etsvikak/Home.htm>,
University of Haifa, Israel

URL: http://www.u2m.org/ubiqum2008/


Workshop 5

Recommendation and Collaboration (ReColl)

This workshop aims to identify emerging trends in recommendation
technology and collaborative environments in the context of intelligent
user interfaces. We will explore these two topics separately as well as
the synergies between them.

Lawrence Bergman, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Jihie Kim, University of Southern California, Information Sciences
Bamshad Mobasher, DePaul University
Stefan Rueger, Open University, Knowledge Media Institute
Stefan Siersdorfer, University of Sheffield, Dept. of Information Studies
Sergej Sizov, University of Koblenz-Landau, Dept. of Computer Science
Markus Stolze, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

URL: http://isweb.uni-koblenz.de/recoll2008


Workshop 6

Common Sense Knowledge and Goal-Oriented Interfaces (CSKGOI 2008)

This workshop brings together researchers from different backgrounds
that focus on analyzing, structuring and leveraging commonsense
knowledge and goal-oriented representations for the design of
intelligent user interfaces.

Andrew Gordon, The Institute for Creative Technologies, University of
Southern California
Catherine Havasi, Laboratory for Linguistics and Computation, Brandeis
Mathias Lux, Institute of Information Technology, Klagenfurt University
Markus Strohmaier, Knowledge Management Institute, Graz University of

URL: http://csc-master.media.mit.edu/cskgoi/

More at: http://www.iuiconf.org/08workshops.html

List of accepted full papers:

Jeffrey Bigham - Anna Cavender - Ryan Kaminsky - et al.:
Transcendence: Enabling a Personal View of the Deep Web

Evan Schrier - Charles Jacobs - Mira Dontcheva - et al.:
Adaptive Layout for Dynamically Aggregated Documents

Brandon Paulson - Tracy Hammond:
Recognizing and Beautifying Low-level Sketch Shapes with Two New
Features and Ranking Algorithm

Alyssa Glass - Deborah McGuinness - Michael Wolverton:
Toward Establishing Trust in Adaptive Agents

Wei Zhang - Takashi Matsumoto - Juan Liu - et al.:
An Intelligent Fitting Room Using Multi-Camera Perception

Shaolin Qu - Joyce Chai:
Beyond Attention: The Role of Deictic Gesture in Intention Recognition
in Multimodal Conversational

Pradipta Biswas - Peter Robinson:
Automatic Evaluation of Assistive Interfaces

Mark Dredze - Hanna Wallach - Danny Puller - et al.
Generating Summary Keywords for Emails Using Topics

Jianqiang Shen - Werner Geyer - Michael Muller - et al.:
Automatically Finding and Recommending Resources to Support Knowledge
Workers'' Activities

Jonghwa Kim - Stephan Mastnik - Elisabeth AndrÈ:
Realtime Biosignal Interfacing: Development of an EMG-based RC Car

Adam Perer - Ben Shneiderman:
Systematic Yet Flexible Discovery: Guiding Domain Experts through
Exploratory Data Analysis

Amy Hurst - Scott E. Hudson - Jennifer Mankoff - et al.:
Automatically Detecting Pointing Performance

Matthias Deller - Stefan Agne - Achim Ebert - et al.:
Managing a Document-Based Information Space

Johannes Schˆning - Brent Hecht - Martin Raubal - et al.:
Improving Interaction with Virtual Globes through Spatial Thinking:
Helping Users Ask

Zhen Wen - Michelle Zhou:
An Optimization-based Approach to Dynamic Data Transformation for Smart

Daniel GonÁalves - Joaquim Jorge
In Search of Personal Information: Narrative-Based Interfaces

Karl Gyllstrom - Craig Soules
Seeing is retrieving: Building information context from what the user sees

Catalina Hallett:
Multi-modal presentation of medical histories

Rattapoom Tuchinda - Pedro Szekely - Craig Knoblock:
Building Mashups By Example

Jing Jin - Romeo Sanchez - Rajiv T Maheswaran - et al.:
VizScript: On the Creation of Efficient Visualizations for Understanding
Complex Multi-Agent Systems

Jeffrey Nichols - Tessa Lau:
Mobilization by Demonstration: Using Traces to Re-author Existing Web Sites

Simone Stumpf - Erin Sullivan - Erin Fitzhenry - et al.:
Integrating Rich User Feedback into Intelligent User Interfaces

Sumit Basu - Surabhi Gupta - Milind Mahajan - et al.:
Scalable Summaries of Spoken Conversations

Junko Shirogane - Yoshiaki Fukazawa:
Correspondence Validation Method for GUI Operations and Scenarios by
Operation History Analysis

Alexander Felfernig - Erich Teppan - Gerhard Friedrich - et al.
Intelligent Debugging and Repair of Utility Constraint Sets in
Knowledge-based Recommender Applications

Patrick Ehlen - Matthew Purver - John Niekrasz - et al.:
MEETING ADJOURNED: Off-line Learning Interfaces for Automatic Meeting

Jiun-Hung Chen - Daniel Weld:
Recovering from Errors during Programming by Demonstration

Mark Nelson - Michael Mateas:
An Interactive Game-Design Assistant

Zahar Prasov - Joyce Chai:
What is in a gaze? The Role of Eye-Gaze in Reference Resolution in
Multimodal Conversational

William Schuler - Stephen Wu:
Exploiting Referential Context in Spoken Language Interfaces for
Data-Poor Domains

Short Papers

Daniel Rashid - Noah Smith:
Relative Keyboard Input System

Yingying Jiang - Xugang Wang - Feng Tian - et al.:
Multimodal Chinese Text Entry with Speech and Keypad on Mobile Devices

Hideaki Kanai - Goushi Tsuruma - Toyohisa Nakada - et al.:
Notification of Dangerous Situation for Elderly People using Visual

Junichiro Mori - Nathalie Basselin - Alexander Kr&#246;ner - et al.:
Find me if you can: Designing Interfaces for People Search

Mark Dredze - Tova Brooks - Josh Carroll - et al.:
Intelligent Email: Reply and Attachment Prediction

Brett Adams - Stewart Greenhill - Svetha Venkatesh:
Temporal semantic compression for video browsing

Emilie Mollenbach - Thorarinn Stefansson - John Paulin Hansen:
All Eyes on the Monitor: Gaze Based Interaction in Zoomable
Multi-Scaled Information-Spaces

Judith Good - Pablo Romero - Benedict du Boulay - et al.:
An Embodied Interface for Teaching Computational Thinking

Cristian Bogdan - Hermann Kaindl - Juergen Falb - et al.:
Modeling of interaction design by end users through discourse modeling

Quang Nhat Nguyen - Francesco Ricci:
Long-Term and Session-Specific User Preferences in a Mobile Recommender

Deepak P - Anuradha Bhamidipaty - Swati Challa:
Intelligent User Assistance for Cost Effective Usage of Mobile Phone

William Thompson - Darren Gergle:
Modeling Situated Conversational Agents as Partially Observable Markov

Jalal Mahmud - Yevgen Borodin - I.V. Ramakrishnan:
Assistive Browser for Conducting Web Transactions

Daniel Porta - Jan Conrad:
UBIGIouS - An Ubiquitous Mixed-Reality Geographic Information System

Per Ola Kristensson - Shumin Zhai:
Improving Word-Recognizers Using an Interactive Lexicon with Active and
Passive Words

Jiahui Liu - Daniel Gruen:
Between Ontology and Folksonomy: A Study of Collaborative and Implicit
Ontology Evolution

Karen Church - Barry Smyth:
Who What; Where & When: A New Approach to Mobile Search

Tom Yeh - Trevor Darrell:
Multimodal Question Answering for Mobile Devices

Andrea Colaco - Naveen Sundar G:
SketchMagic: A Paper Based Animation System

Jim Blythe - Tom Russ:
Case-based reasoning for procedure learning by instruction

Deepak Jagdish - Mohit Gupta - Rahul Sawhney - et al.:
Sonic Grid : An Auditory Interface for the Visually Impaired to Navigate
GUI-based Environments

Laszlo Laufer - Bottyan Nemeth:
Predicting User Action from Skin Conductance

Ornella Mich - Rosella Gennari:
Constraint-based Reasoning for Improving Literacy: LODE a Web-System for
Young Deaf Users

Martin Molina - Victor Flores:
A presentation model for multimedia summaries of behavior

Tirthankar Dasgupta - Anupam Basu:
Prototype Machine Translation System From Text-To-Indian Sign Language

Yolanda Gil - Varun Ratnakar - Tim Chklovski:
Towards Intelligent Assistance for ToDo Lists

Bharath A - Sriganesh Madhvanath:
FreePad: A Novel Handwriting-based Text Input for Pen and Touch Interfaces

Shaun Kane - Jacob O. Wobbrock - Mark Harniss - et al.:
TrueKeys: Identifying and Correcting Typing Errors for People with
Motor Impairments

Shiwan Zhao - Nan Du - Andreas Nauerz - et al.:
Improved Recommendation based on Collaborative Tagging Behaviors

Li Zhang:
   EMMA: an Automated Intelligent Actor in E-drama

Elin Pedersen - David W McDonald:
Relating Documents via User Activity: The Missing Link

Nuria Oliver - Mary Czerwinski - Greg Smith - et al.:
RelAltTab: Assisting Users in Finding the Next Window

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