[Elsnet-list] Dutch ASR evaluation: Call for participation in N-Best 2008

David van Leeuwen david.vanleeuwen at tno.nl
Tue Nov 27 16:11:50 CET 2007

	     Second Call For Participation in N-Best 2008

  North and south dutch Benchmark Evaluation for Speech recognition
			 Technology (N-BEST)


NIST-style BN and CTS evaluation of Dutch LVCSR systems, training data
is provided. 

In 2006  the Dutch  research programme STEVIN  granted funding  to the
project N-Best.   This project aims  at setting up  the infrastructure
for a benchmark evaluation  in large vocabulary speech recognition for
the Dutch language,  and at conducting such an  evaluation.  This is a
call to  the speech recognition  research community to  participate in
this evaluation.

The evaluation is  conducted by TNO Human Factors  in Soesterberg, the
Netherlands,  in co-operation  with SPEX in Nijmegen.   The evaluation
paradigm is similar  to that of the well  known NIST speech technology
evaluations.  The evaluation is scheduled  to be held in the spring of
2008.  A dry-run has just been completed in October 2007.

Two large vocabulary  speech recognition tasks will be  covered in the
evaluation  data,  Broadcast News  (BN)  and Conversational  Telephone
Speech  (CTS).   Two main  dialect  regions  will  be defined  in  the
evaluation, Northern and Southern Dutch,  as spoken by people from The
Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium), respectively.

In order  to facilitate development of speech  recognition systems for
Dutch, sources  for acoustic and  textual training material  have been
defined.   These  are  the   Spoken  Dutch  Corpus  (Corpus  Gesproken
Nederlands, CGN) and text data  from Dutch and Flemish newspapers.  It
is  possible to  license  these corpora  for  use in  the N-Best  2008
evaluation  by  registering for  the  evaluation  and signing  license
agreements,  which are available  on the  N-Best evaluation  web site.
The dry-run  test data is also  available for participants  and can be
used as development test data.

The evaluation  will be followed by  a workshop, in  which the results
are presented and participants  can present and discuss their approach
to the evaluation task.  One of the goals of the project is to produce
a  journal   article  describing  the  evaluation   and  the  research
approaches taken therein.

The evaluation  plan with  rules and dates,  as well as  the necessary
license  forms for  obtaining training  data, are  available  from the
N-Best evaluation website:


Sites  that  are interested  to  participate  in  this evaluation  are
requested  to contact  TNO,  by e-mail  at david.vanleeuwen at tno.nl  or
telephone +31-346 356 235.

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