[Elsnet-list] 2nd CFP: Workshop Enculturating Interfaces on IUI 2008

Matthias Rehm matthias.rehm at informatik.uni-augsburg.de
Thu Oct 18 11:45:51 CEST 2007

2nd CALL FOR PAPERS (Deadline extension)


Canary Islands, January 13, 2008


The workshop is centered around three main research challenges:

1. Computationally viable models of cultural aspects of conversations:
Cultural norms and values penetrate all our communications and interactions by
giving us heuristics how to behave and how to interpret the verbal and
nonverbal behavior of others. To make such a notion like culture available for
computation, we need a very specific theory of culture that takes its effects
on communication and interaction into account. Questions to be answered
include: Are there computationally viable models/theories of culture? How to
compute cultural characteristcs in communciation? What types/aspects of
verbal/nonverbal behaviors are cultural specific, and what are universal?

2. Reliable empirical data on cultural/cross-cultural interaction: To realize
technical systems that take cultural influences on behavior into account,
precise data analysis on how this influence manifests itself is necessary. In
the literature statements are often given in very general forms without
references to the precise data on which the observations are based. Questions
to be answered include: Where and how to get reliable empirical data about
cultural pattern of interaction and interpretation? How can verbal and
nonverbal behaviors be analysed to gain insights into cultural specific
aspects of face-to-face communications?

3. Enculturating conversational interfaces: Having identified cultural
influences on verbal/nonverbal communicative behaviors, it remains to be shown
how this can be applied to the development of human-computer interfaces.
Questions to be answered include: How can interfaces reflect cultural norms
and values of communication? How can culture specific/adaptive interfaces
further cultural awareness? Are interface agents the ideal way of
enculturating the coversational interfaces e.g. by adapting to the user's
cultural background, by presenting information in a culturally accepted way,
or even by serving as role-playing partners to increase cultural awareness in
serious games?
The workshop aims at bringing together researchers from computer science,
psychology, linguistics, and cultural studies to discuss the state of the art
in the area, explore modes of cooperation and identify the challenges to be
tackled in the future.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
* Computationally viable models of cultural aspects of conversations
* Reliable empirical data on cultural/cross-cultural interaction
* Interfaces that reflect cultural norms and values
* Virtual agents as cultural interfaces
* Adapting to the user's cultural background

Important dates
* Paper submission: Monday, 19 November, 2007
* Notification of acceptance: Monday, 10 December
* Camera-ready Paper due: Sunday, 16 December, 2007

Papers should adhere to the IUI format and will be reviewed by at least two
members of the program committee. For further details please visit

Program Committee
* Elisabeth André
* Justine Cassell
* Katherine Isbister
* Toru Ishida
* Tomoko Koda
* Yukiko Nakano
* Toyoaki Nishida
* Catherine Pelachaud
* Matthias Rehm
* Zsófia Ruttkay

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