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IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI'07)
IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology (IAT'07)

November 2-5, 2007
Fremont Marriott Hotel, Silicon Valley, USA


Sponsored and Organized by
IEEE Computer Society
Web Intelligence Consortium (WIC)
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

================= HIGHLIGHTS =========================

    WI'07/IAT'07/BIBM'07/GrC'07 Joint Keynote by Prof. Richard M. Karp
    5 WI'07 and IAT'07 Joint Keynotes by
      Dr. Anant Jhingran, VP and CTO of IBM Silicon Valley Lab.,
      Prof. Dieter Fensel,
      Prof. Toyoaki Nishida,
      Prof. Yoav Shoham,
      Prof. Eugene Santos Jr.
    5 WI Industry Keynotes
    1 WIC Feature Talk
    8 Tutorials 
   13 WI-IAT Workshops
      Presentations of Accepted Research Track Papers.

The research track papers were selected from 545 submissions received
from over 50 countries and regions.

All main conference and workshop proceedings will be published in the
conference proceedings by the IEEE Computer Society Press, indexed by EI.

!!! Advance Registration by Oct 1, 2007 !!!
On-line registration (and more information) at

Regular registration covers all the events of WI-IAT'07 during the
four conference days including keynotes, tutorials, accepted paper
presentations, and workshops, as well as includes proceedings for one
of the conferences or its associated workshops.


WI'07, IAT'07, BIBM'07 and GrC'07 will be co-located, providing
synergism among the three research areas: Web Intelligence and
Intelligent Agent Technology, Bioinformatics and Biomedicine, and
Granular Computing. This provides opportunities for technical
collaboration beyond that of previous conferences. The three
conferences will have a joint opening, keynote, reception, and
banquet. Attendees only need to register for one conference and can
attend workshops, sessions, keynote talks, panels and tutorials across
the three conferences.


WI'07/IAT'07/BIBM'07/GrC'07 Joint Keynote:

Computer science as a Lens on the Sciences:
The Example of Computational Molecular Biology
Professor Richard M. Karp
(1985 Turing Award Recipient)
University of California at Berkeley,USA

WI'07 and IAT'07 Joint Keynotes:

ServiceWeb 3.0
Professor Dieter Fensel
Director DERI/University Innsbruck, Austria

Conversational Informatics and Human-Centered Web Intelligence
Professor Toyoaki Nishida
Kyoto University, Japan

How Relevant Is Game Theory to Intelligent Agent Technology?
Professor Yoav Shoham
Stanford University, USA

The Challenge of Cultural Modeling for Inferring Intentions and Behavior
Professor Eugene Santos Jr. 
Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, USA

WI Industry Keynotes (more speakers will be added):

Enterprise Information Mashups: Integarting Information, Simply
Anant Jhingran
VP and CTO, IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory, USA

Eric Brill
Principal Researcher and head of the Text Mining,
Search and Navigation Group at Microsoft Research, USA

Andrew Tomkin
Yahoo VP for Search Research

Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Data Mining
Professor Yong Shi
Executive Deputy Director, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Research Center on Fictitious Economy & Data Science, and
Associate Dean, School of Management,
Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

WIC Feature Talk

Granular Computing for Web Intelligence and Brain Informatics
Professor Yiyu Yao
University of Regina and
International WIC Institute/BJUT

Tutorials include:

T1: Industrial session on mashups
    Organizer: Howard Ho, IBM, USA
    Presenters from IBM Almaden, Yahoo,
    Google, and Microsoft

T2: Web-based Support Systems
    Presenter: Dr. JingTao Yao
    University of Regina, Canada

T3: Web and Text Mining for opinion/trend analysis
    Presenter: Lipika Dey
    Tata Consultancy Services, India

T4: Agent-Mining Interaction and Integration
    Presenter: Dr Longbing Cao
    University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

T5: Trust mechanisms for agent systems
    Presenter: Dr Sandip Sen
    University of Tulsa, USA

T6: Peer-to-Peer Distributed Data Mining for Multi-Agent Applications
    Presenter: Dr Hillol Kargupta
    University of Maryland Baltimore County
    and President, AGNIK, LLC., USA

T7: Agent Mediated Knowledge Management (AMKM)
    Presenter: Dr Virginia Dignum
    Utrecht Universit, The Netherlands

T8: Distributed Constraint Reasoning:
    A paradigm for effective coordination
    in multiagent systems
    Makoto Yokoo, Kyushu University, Japan
    Joerg Denzinger, University of Calgary, Canada
    Marius Silaghi, Florida Tech, USA
    Adrian Petcu, Swiss Federal Inst. of Tech.

Workshops include:

W1: Workshop on Collective Intelligence on Semantic Web (CISW 2007)

W2: Workshop on New Computing Paradigms for Web Intelligence and 
    Brain Informatics (WImBI 2007)

W3: Workshop on Web Personalization and Recommender Systems (WPRS 2007)

W4: Workshop on Service Composition & SWS Challenge 
    (SerComp & SWS Challenge 2007)

W5: Workshop on Biomedicine Applications of Web technologies (BMWT 2007)

W6: Workshop on Intelligent Web Interaction (IWI 2007)

W7: Workshop on Social Media Analysis (SMA 2007)

W8: Workshop on Web Security, Integrity, Privacy and Trust (WSIPT 2007)

W9: Workshop on Communication between Human and Artificial Agents (CHAA 2007)

W10: Workshop on Rational, Robust, and Secure Negotiations in 
     Multi-Agent Systems (RRS 2007)

W11: Workshop on P2P Computing and Autonomous Agents (P2PAA 2007)

W12: Workshop on Multiagent Systems in E-business: Concepts, 
     Technologies and Applications (MASeB 2007)

W13: Workshop on Agent & Data Mining Interaction (ADMI 2007)


The WI'07, IAT'07, BIBM'07 and GrC'07 joint conference offers an
exciting social program, including the conference welcome reception on
Nov. 2 and the conference banquet on Nov. 3.

The conference banquet will be held on the Fremont Marriott Hotel.

You can also enjoy the city of Silicon Valley.  You can get more
information about the conference hotel and local information from the
conference homepage: http://www.cs.sjsu.edu/wi07/

*** Contact Information ***

Dr. Jia Hu
International WIC Institute/BJUT, China
E-mail: hujia at kis-lab.com

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