[Elsnet-list] Language Modeller

info at voxid.co.uk info at voxid.co.uk
Tue Apr 8 16:18:37 CEST 2008

We are looking for a self-motivated speech engineer (Language Modeller)
*3+ years relevant industrial / commercial experience or very relevant  
academic experience
*In-depth knowledge about probabilistic language modelling, including  
estimation methods, smoothing, pruning, efficient representation,  
interpolation, trigger-based models
*Experience in development and/or deployment of a speech recognition  
engines, with emphasis on efficient training techniques and large  
vocabulary systems
*Understanding of the technology and techniques used in ASR engines
*A good degree in an appropriate subject, PhD preferred
*Good software engineering skills, knowledge of scripting languages  
(e.g. shell scripting, Perl) and experience working under both Linux  
and Windows

*Experience working with HTK, Sphinx and/or Julius
*Experience with probabilistic lattice parsing
*Have worked on a live application or service that includes speech recognition

We are interested in representing any individuals who have voice
technology experience and believe they can add value to one of our
clients, If you are willing to relocate or NOT we can help with your
next career move.
For more information visit www.voxid.co.uk or e-mail CV's / letters to
info at voxid.co.uk

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