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Kay-Michael Wuerzner wuerzner at bbaw.de
Tue Apr 22 12:00:44 CEST 2008

KONVENS 2008 ‐ Deadline Extension

Due to numerous requests, the deadline for contributions to the
Konvens 2008 has been extended. New deadline is the 9th of May 2008.

The updated call for papers has been attached for your convenience.

The Konferenz zur Verarbeitung natürlicher Sprache ("conference on
natural language processing", KONVENS), held in a two year rotation
since 1992, is organized by the scientific societies DEGA, DGfS, GI,

Konvens 2008 is hosted by the Society for Computational Linguistics &
Language Technology (Gesellschaft für linguistische Datenverarbeitung,
GLDV) in collaboration with the Center of Language (Zentrum Sprache)
of the Berlin‐Brandenburg Academy of Sciences (Berlin‐Brandenburgische
Akademie der Wissenschaften, BBAW). The conference will take place at
the BBAW from September 30th through October 2nd, 2008.

For further information, please visit our website on
  http://konvens.dwds.de .

The central theme of the Konvens 2008 will be text resources and
lexical knowledge. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

• Techniques, tools, and models from the field of computational
linguistics dealing with digitization, linguistic annotation (based on
standard annotation schemas) and computer‐based processing of digital
speech data.

• Methods for the acquisition of lexical knowledge from digitized and
linguistically annotated text resources of various text genres and
period of origin (for example statistical and rule‐based approaches,
machine learning approaches, computer‐aided lexicography).

• Approaches to modeling of lexical knowledge in digital media for
various purposes (for example in the context of lexicography, the use
of digital lexical resources for research and teaching, design of
ontologies for automatic information retrieval, or the development of
computer‐readable lexicons for automated natural language processing).

Submissions of completed and previously unpublished work in research,
development, application, and evaluation relevant to the
aforementioned topics are welcome. Also welcome are submissions to the
poster and demonstration session, in which resources, tools, and
ongoing projects may be presented.

Paper presentations, posters, and demonstrations should explore the
potential and perspectives of speech and text technology for the
development of lexical knowledge. Also of interest are works focusing
on the comparative evaluation of diverse resources, techniques, and

The official conference languages are German and English. All accepted
submissions (full and short papers, and short papers describing
posters and software demonstrations) will be published in the
conference proceedings available at the conference.

It is planned to publish selected papers of the conference proceedings
at Mouton de Gruyter.


Two kinds of contributions are accepted:

1. Paper presentations (corresponding full or short papers will be
published in the conference proceedings)
2. Poster / Software demonstration (corresponding short papers will be
published in the conference proceedings)

Format of the contributions for the conference proceedings

Contributions itself must be blind, i.e. information concerning the
authors and any self‐references should be avoided.

Page Limit:
 ‐ Full Paper: Up to 8 pages including title and headlines, excluding
bibliographical references
 ‐ Short Paper: Up to 4 pages including title and headlines, excluding
bibliographical references

File Format:
 ‐ PDF based on LaTeX or MS‐Word according to the submission guidelines.

 In order to submit a proposal, please use the web‐based submission
form on EasyChair.

Submission guidelines

Please use either LaTeX or MS Word/OOWriter with the corresponding
templates for the composing of the underlying text source.
In case of .tex, there is a .cls file available which implements a
special document class (\documentclass{mouton}). This class file
includes several .sty files (Download Mouton LaTeX Package). For .doc
is a .dot file available (dot Style Files).

Important dates:

May 09, 2008
   Submission Deadline

June 20, 2008
   Notification of acceptance

August 01, 2008
   Deadline for camera ready versions of papers

Program Committee

 * Ernst Buchberger (ÖGAI)
 * Stefan Busemann (GI)
 * Alexander Geyken (BBAW)
 * Jost Gippert (BBAW)
 * Karin Harbusch (GI)
 * Rüdiger Hoffmann (ITG)
 * Bernd Kröger (DEGA)
 * Lothar Lemnitzer (GLDV)
 * Sabine Schulte im Walde (DGFS‐CL)
 * Manfred Stede (GLDV)
 * Angelika Storrer (GLDV, BBAW)

Review Board

 * Melina Alexa (BIFAB Mannheim)
 * Miriam Butt (Konstanz)
 * Irene Cramer (Dortmund)
 * Stefan Engelberg (IDS Mannheim)
 * Christiane Fellbaum (Princeton, BBAW)
 * Anette Frank (Heidelberg)
 * Iryna Gurevych (Darmstadt)
 * Thomas Hanneforth (Potsdam)
 * Uli Heid (Stuttgart)
 * Anke Holler (Göttingen)
 * Wolfgang Höppner (Duisburg‐Essen)
 * Bryan Jurish (BBAW)
 * Henning Lobin (Gießen)
 * Harald Lüngen (Gießen)
 * Gerald Neumann (BBAW)
 * Thomas Schmidt (Hamburg)
 * Manfred Pinkal (Saarbrücken)
 * Roman Schneider (IDS Mannheim)
 * Bernhard Schröder (Uni Duisburg‐Essen)
 * Elke Teich (Darmstadt)
 * Andreas Witt (Tübingen)
 * Alexander Mehler (Bielefeld)
 * Heike Zinsmeister (Heidelberg)

Organization Committee

 * Alexander Geyken (BBAW ‐ Chair)
 * Alexander Siebert (BBAW)
 * Kay‐Michael Würzner (BBAW, Potsdam)

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