[Elsnet-list] ACL SIGLEX membership

Eneko Agirre e.agirre at ehu.es
Tue Apr 29 11:04:37 CEST 2008

SIGLEX (ACL's special interest group on the lexicon) are  compiling an
official list of members. If you have an interest in computational
approaches to the lexicon but have not yet joined our group, we hope that
you will do so now by completing the membership form at:-


or go there from
http://www.siglex.org/ and click on "join"

Note that there is no charge for joining.  Also please note that you
can opt to not be included in the SIGLEX mailing list though we do
hope that you will want to be included so we have made this the
default. We intend that the mailing list be used by members for
occasional announcements and discussions relevant to the lexicon.

We do apologise if you receive duplicate copies of this message.

With very best wishes,

Diana, Ken and Eneko

(Diana McCarthy, Ken Litkowski and Eneko Agirre: on behalf of the ACL Siglex

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