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Mon Aug 4 15:11:24 CEST 2008

1 Postdoctoral research position -- deadline 15 September 2008

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral research position in
Computational Text Mining for a 5 years contract. Selected candidates will
work on the development computational techniques to analyse huge
comparable and/or parallel corpora either on syntactic and semantic
clustering and classification of single- and multi-word terms, or on
extraction of their translations. Supervised classification of documents
is a transversal problem that may be also necessary to tackle. The
position is funded under the "Commitment to Science" program, launched by
the Portuguese National Foundation for Science and Technology. The program
aims to provide fixed duration work contracts between the researchers and
the host institution.  More info at

Candidates must have preferably at least 3 years post-doctoral experience
in one or more of the following thematic areas:

PhD in Computer Science or Statistics in the areas: Text Processing,
Algorithms, Data Mining, Machine Learning

In exceptional and duly justified cases, we may consider accepting
applicants with less than 3 years of post-doctoral experience.

The position avaliable is to carry out research work at the Human
Languages Technology Group of the CITI (Centre for Informatics and
Information Technologies -- http://citi.di.fct.unl.pt/) in close
collaboration with the CMA (Mathematics Centre) both at Faculdade de
Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

More information about the research environment, its members, and the
current position call may be found at the CITI website:
or more specifically at Human Language Technologies website:

For morte specific inquiries about the position contact the CITI through
the email address below:

E-mail: citi-admin at di.fct.unl.pt

Telephone: +351 212 948 536

Fax: +351 212 948 541

Applications should include a detailed curriculum vitae, in pdf format and
should be sent to:

CITI - Centro de Informática e Tecnologias da Informação

Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
2829-516 Caparica

The contract to be signed is a 5 year contract. The monthly amount to be
paid is Euro 3,100, 14 months a year, before 35% tax retention, according
to the Scientific Research Career regulation. The contract includes social
benefits and retirement fund. Any effective hiring/contract is subject to
available vacancies supported by the National Foundation for Science and
Technology (FCT), and its Agreement Program regulation.

You may consult the official post for the job at:

Best regards,

Gabriel Pereira Lopes

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