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*Call for papers: Writing Systems Research*
Joint editors: Vivian Cook (Newcastle University), Jyotsna Vaid (Texas
A&M University), Benedetta Bassetti (Institute of Education, University
of London). 

*Now inviting submissions!*
Writing Systems Research (WSR) is an innovative new journal launching in
2009, to be published by Oxford Journals. It is concerned with empirical
approaches to writing systems based on the analysis of written data and
on experiments. It covers a broad range of writing systems from a range
of countries.

The editors invite research-based contributions from relevant fields
such as applied linguistics, psychology, computing and education. 

Writing Systems Research aims to publish work concerned with any issue
to do with the analysis, use and acquisition of writing systems.
Submissions are welcome from any of the following areas:
1. The linguistic analysis of writing systems at various levels
2. The learning and use of writing systems
3. Neurolinguistics and writing systems 
4. The cognitive correlates and consequences of writing systems
5. Writing systems and computer/new media

WSR does not publish pedagogically oriented papers, papers on writing
and reading in the sense of 'academic writing', or philological or
historical research, unless they are of interest to researchers working
on the analysis, use and acquisition of writing systems. It insists not
only on standards of proof appropriate to psychological research in
terms of size, rigour, etc, but also on descriptions of language
consonant with linguistics.

*How to submit your paper*
* Visit http://www.oxfordjournals.org/page/3331/1 to view author

* Submit your article online via Manuscript Central at

* If you have any queries about submitting your article, please email
the editors at wsr.editorialoffice at oxfordjournals.org 

More information about the journal is available at
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