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steve crown steve.crown at techid.co.uk
Sat Feb 2 18:40:04 CET 2008

We are looking for a self-motivated experienced speech engineer, who enjoys working in
the dynamic and flexible environment of a successful and growing global company.
q       Experience in development and/or deployment of a speech recognition engine,
with emphasis on language modelling, dictionary tuning, grammar development, etc
q       Understanding of the technology and techniques used in ASR engines
q       Good software engineering skills
q       C and/or C++
q       Pragmatic: able to make the trade-off between getting something done, and doing
a robust maintainable job
q       Experienced with all stages of development, including requirements gathering,
design, implementation, testing, and maintenance
q       Comfortable with basic development processes and tools, including bug tracking,
source control, release engineering
q       Comfortable and experienced working under both Linux and Windows
q       3+ years industrial / commercial programming experience or very relevant
academic experience
q       A good degree in an appropriate subject
q       Understanding of the importance of the data model underlying any speech system
q       Experience working with commercial ASR engines, at the C API level,
particularly Nuance
q       Experience working with HTK and/or Sphinx
q       Masters in speech, computational linguistics, signal processing
q       Audio signal processing / codec experience
q       Statistical language modelling
q       Phonetic pronunciation lexicon development
q       Programming ability in Perl or similar scripting language well-suited to text
q       Have worked on a live application or service that includes speech recognition
q       Experience working with more than one engine would be particularly beneficial
q       Belief in iterative development and agile methodologies
Please send applications to steve.crown at techid.co.uk 
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