[Elsnet-list] YRRSDS-08: Call for Participation

Robert Ross robertr at informatik.uni-bremen.de
Thu Feb 7 15:45:45 CET 2008

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YRRSDS-08: Call for Participation

Young Researchers' Roundtable on Spoken Dialog Systems
June 21st, 2008, Columbus, Ohio,

First Call for Participation

The Young Researchers' Roundtable on Spoken Dialog Systems is an annual 
workshop designed for students, post docs, and junior researchers 
working in research related to spoken dialogue systems in both academia 
and industry. The roundtable provides an open forum where participants 
can discuss their research interests, current work and future plans. The 
workshop is meant to provide an interdisciplinary forum for creative 
thinking about current issues in spoken dialogue systems research, and 
help create a stronger international network of young researchers 
working in the field.  The workshop is co-located with ACL 2008  and 
will occur the day after the 9th SIGdial workshop.

Workshop Format

Workshop events will include small informal discussion groups, a larger 
Question & Answers style discussion with senior researchers from 
academia and industry, and an opt-in demo presentation session. There 
will also be time for participants to have informal discussions over 
coffee with senior researchers on potential career opportunities. The 
small discussion groups are intended to allow participants to exchange 
ideas on key research topics, and identify issues that are likely to be 
important in the coming years. The results of each discussion group will 
then presented and discussed in plenary sessions. The topics for 
discussion are still open and will be determined by participant 
submissions and finalized online before the workshop. Potential 
participants should submit a short paper, as described below in the 
submission process to get accepted to the workshop.

In addition to the traditional one day event, a half day extension on 
the topic of  "Frameworks and Grand Challenges for Dialog System 
Evaluation" is under consideration for the morning of June 22nd, 2008. 
The aim of this extra extension is to provide an opportunity for dialog 
systems researchers to discuss issues of evaluation, and hopefully 
determine an agenda for a future evaluation event or framework. 
Organization of this extended event will depend on interest; we 
therefore, as described below, invite potential participants to indicate 
their interest with their YRR08 submission.

Submission Process

We invite participation from students, post docs, and junior researchers 
in academia or industry who are currently working in spoken dialog 
systems research. We also invite participation from those who are 
working in related fields such as linguistics, psychology, or speech 
processing, as applied to spoken dialogue systems.  Please note that by 
'young researchers' the workshop's organizers mean to target students 
and researchers in the field who are at a relatively early stage of 
their careers, and in no way mean to imply that participants must meet 
certain age restrictions.

Potential participants should submit a 2-page position paper and suggest 
topics for discussion and whether they would be interested in attending 
the extended session on Sunday morning. A template and specific 
submission instructions will be available on http://www.yrrsds.org/ on 
March 1.  Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis from that day 
until the maximum number of participants for the workshop (50) is 
reached, or until the submission deadline (May 10th, 2008) is reached. 
Proceedings from previous years' workshops are also available on our web 
site. Specific questions can be directed to the organizing committee at 

Important Dates

Submissions:            March 1st, 2008
Submissions deadline:   May 10th, 2008
Notification:           May 20th, 2008
Registration begins:    to be announced
Workshop:               June 21st, 2008

Organizing Committee

Hua Ai, Intelligent Systems Program, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Carlos Gómez Gallo, Department of Computer Science, University of 
Rochester, USA
Robert J. Ross, Department of Computer Science, University of Bremen, 
Sabrina Wilske, Department of Computational Linguistics, Saarland 
University, Germany
Andi Winterboer, Institute for Communicating and Collaborative Systems, 
University of Edinburgh, UK
Craig Wootton, University of Ulster, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Local Organization

Tim Weale, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, The Ohio 
State University, USA

Advisory Committee

John Bateman, University of Bremen, Germany
Robert Dale, Macquarie University, Australia
Sudeep Gandhe, University of Southern California, USA
Stefan Hamerich, Harman/Becker Automotive Systems, Germany
Hartwig Holzapfel, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
Kristiina Jokinen, University of Helsinki, Finland
Tatsuya Kawahara, Kyoto University, Japan
Alistair Knott, Otago University, New Zealand
Geert-Jan Kruijff, DFKI Language Technology, Germany
Diane Litman, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Michael McTear, University of Ulster, UK
Helen Meng, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Johanna Moore, University of Edinburgh, UK
Ian O'Neill, Queen’s University Belfast, UK
Tim Paek, Microsoft Research, USA
Verena Rieser, University of Edinburgh, UK
Antonio Roque, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA
David Schlangen, University of Potsdam, Germany
Marilyn Walker, University of Sheffield, UK
Fuliang Weng, Bosch Research, USA
Wieneke Wesseling, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Michael White, Ohio State University, USA

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