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“Multimodal communication and what it means to communicate”

Special Issue of Neural Networks

The general aim of this special issue is to focus on “What it means
to communicate” and to understand the neural, cognitive, formal,
computational and developmental features that have led to communication
differences between humans and animals. A number of interesting and
successful research directions have been explored including learning
by imitation, examining the origin of human rule based reasoning,
studying the neural origins of language, exploring the evolutionary
origins of the human mind, researching into verbal and nonverbal
communication, using and interpreting signs, characterising human
language by structural complexity, and representing abstract concepts.
To complement this, computation and neural robotics aims to explore
a multimodal understanding of verbal and visual communication
for embodied action understanding leading towards formal models
of knowledge representation and reasoning.

We are looking for submissions in the areas including

    * Neural network models and theories for communication
    * Knowledge representation and hybrid models for communication
    * Plausible reasoning and uncertainty in communication
    * Multimodal integration and crossmodal neural models
    * Formals models of human communication
    * The role of neurally grounded emotion in communication
    * Bioinspired communicating agents with reasoning
    * Neuroscience-inspired robots and communication
    * Communicating agents with an understanding of emotion
    * Developmental approaches to communication
    * Neural networks and imitation
    * Neural approaches to sign and gesture
    * Mirror neuron system and multimodal integration
    * Embodiment of communication and action in robots
    * Language and action circuits
    * The role of formal memory in communication


Stefan Wermter (University of Sunderland)
Vittorio Gallese (University of Parma)
Friedemann Pulvermuller (MRC, Cambridge)
John Taylor (King’s College, London)


Deadline for submission: May1, 2008
Notification of acceptance: August1, 2008
Deadline for submission of revised papers: October1, 2008
Notification of final acceptance: November1, 2008


see papers for the journal Neural Networks.


To be sent to: Stefan Wermter as pdf files
at the address below


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