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On an Edited Book to Be Published by Springer in 2008

*/Domain Driven Data Mining: Domain Problems and Applications/*

Editors: Longbing Cao, Philip S. Yu, Chengqi Zhang, Huaifeng Zhang

Chapter Proposal Submission Deadline: February 10, 2008

Proposal Acceptance Due Date: February 15, 2008

Full Chapter Submission Deadline: April 30, 2008

Planned Publishing Date: November 2008


/In the last decade, data mining has emerged as one of most vivacious 
areas in information technology. However, very often the knowledge 
discovered cannot generally satisfy real business needs because it is 
very challenging to discover knowledge for decision-making actions in 
real-world domain problems. /*Domain Driven Data Mining*/ aims at 
actionable knowledge discovery, which has thus been recognized as one of 
the grand challenges and the most promising ways in next-generation 
knowledge discovery and data mining. /

*Book Aims*

/This edited book aims to report the state-of-art research and 
development outcomes on problems and corresponding methodologies, 
techniques, approaches and successful applications in mining actionable 
knowledge in specific domains. The book encourages high quality chapters 
not only enhancing the actionability and wider deployment of existing 
data-centered data mining through combining domain and business oriented 
factors, constraints and network and human intelligence, but also 
promoting a paradigm shift from “data-centered pattern mining” to 
“domain driven actionable knowledge discovery” for next-generation KDD 
enterprise applications./

*Scopes of Interest (not limited to):*


/Domain driven data mining: /

l Trends of Enterprise Data Mining

l DDDM Methodologies and Framework

l Involving domain knowledge

l Involving human intelligence

l Involving network intelligence

l Involving organizational and social factors

l Business interestingness

l User preferences

l Dependability, Privacy, Trust, Workability

l Knowledge actionability

l Post mining and processing

l Decision-support knowledge delivery

/Enterprise// data mining applications:/

l Application Issues

l Bioinformatics Mining

l Blog Data Mining

l Business Data Mining

l Crime and National Security Mining

l E-Commerce Data Mining

l Financial Data Mining

l Health Data Mining

l Insurance Data Mining

l Scientific Data Mining

l Social Security Mining

l Taxation Data Mining


/Two-stage submission: First, interested researchers and practitioners 
are invited to submit a chapter proposal clearly stating your focused 
domain problems and contributions related to one of the above topics due 
on *February 10, 2008*; Second, authors of accepted proposals will be 
notified by *February* *15, 2008 *about the status of their proposals 
and sent chapter organizational guidelines.* *Full chapters are due by 
*April 30, 2008*. All submitted chapters will be reviewed on a 
double-blind review basis. The book is scheduled to be published in 2008 
by Springer. Detailed manuscript instructions are available from 
Springer Book Author Guidelines 
only Latex format is acceptable./

*Chapter proposal guideline:* /The proposal is expected of 1-2 pages in 
.doc or .pdf format, composed of title, authors (name, affiliation, 
phone number, and e-mail address), extended abstract (background, 
related work, principal contributions, and so on), table of content, and 


/Enquiries and *submissions* can be forwarded to /

/Huaifeng Zhang (//hfzhang at it.uts.edu.au <mailto:hfzhang at it.uts.edu.au>//)/

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