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Wed Jan 9 16:02:53 CET 2008




The Department of Computer Science of the University of Cyprus intends
to   officially announce shortly   (within  the next  three months)  a
position for a Research Associate within the research project "Tooling
of  and Training for   Collaborative, Distributed Product  Innovation"
(idSpace), to be funded by IST of FP7.

The position  is initially   for  one year,  renewable  for  one  more
year. The annual  salary  for a Research  Associate  starts at the  A8
scale (about  EUR 15,000 initially), but  the exact amount will depend
on qualifications and prior experience.

Innovative  design  is characterised   by   an intense,  collaborative
process of generating  and exploring ideas  meant to contribute to the
solution   of  particular problems.   Innovators go  through cycles of
divergence,   in   which new ideas  are    generated and explored, and
convergence, in  which new ideas are  valued and detailed. The idSpace
project will design and build  a responsive web-based environment that
will offer  an integrated  suite  of  knowledge eliciting and  sharing
tools, and create a collective, sharable  memory to support the entire
innovative design process.

A suitable  candidate for the above  position should have  a degree in
Computer Science or related field and post graduate studies related to
one  or  more  of the  following  areas:  Context  Awareness, Adaptive
Systems,  Ontologies,  User   Modeling,  e-learning,     Collaborative
learning.    Candidates   should also  have  experience  in conducting
research and possess good programming skills.

Applicants  need not be citizens  of the Republic of Cyprus. Knowledge
of the Greek language, although  considered a practical advantage,  is
by no means  a  requirement.  The  research activities pursued  by the
successful applicant can  lead to the earning  of a Ph.D.  if s/he  so
wishes  (in this case,   any    academic fees  for enroling   to   the
Department's Ph.D.  programme are waived).  Due  to the involvement of
the successful candidate in using cutting edge technologies, this post
is also suitable for a post doc position.

Anyone interested in this   forthcoming vacancy and planning to  apply
when  it   is formally  announced,   is kindly   asked  to  contact us
(preferably electronically)  as soon as  possible at the address below
and provide us with a CV together with a  short description of his/her
research interests and background.  Submitted documents may be written
in   Greek and/or English.   Please send   all relevant information to
Professor George A.   Papadopoulos, E-Mail: george at cs.ucy.ac.cy,  Tel:
+357-22-892693, Fax: +357-22-892701.


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