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Lluis Padro padro at lsi.upc.edu
Fri Jan 25 16:46:12 CET 2008

 -- Apologies for multiple postings --

 Dear colleagues,

  We are glad to announce the release of FreeLing 2.0.
  (info and downloads at http://www.lsi.upc.es/~nlp/freeling 

  FreeLing is an open-source (GPL) library providing language analysis 
services for different languages (currently Spanish, Catalan, Galician, 
Italian, and English).

  Services provided by the libraryinclude:Text tokenization, Sentence 
splitting, Morphological analysis, Suffix treatment, retokenization of 
clitic pronouns, Flexible multiword recognition, Contraction splitting, 
Probabilistic prediction of unkown word categories, Named entity 
detection, Recognition of dates, numbers, ratios, currency, and physical 
magnitudes (speed, weight, temperature, density, etc), PoS tagging, 
Chart-based shallow parsing, Named entity classification, WordNet based 
sense annotation, Rule-based dependency parsing.

  FreeLing is designed to be used as an external library from any 
application requiring this kind of services. Nevertheless, a simple main 
program is also provided as a basic interface to the library, which 
enables the user to analyze text files from the command line.

Main improvements in version 2.0 are:
  * Larger Spanish dictionary (thanks to the Spanish Resource Grammar 
<http://www.upf.edu/pdi/iula/montserrat.marimon/srg.html> project)
  * Debugged English dictionary
  * More WN-based semantic information access
  * More expressive rule language for dependency parsing
  * Machine Learning functionalites moved to external omlet+fries 
<http://www.lsi.upc.edu/%7Enlp/omlet+fries> library, for clearer 
  * Suport for 64-bit processors
  * Extended Java API

*Lluís Padró*
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08034 Barcelona, Spain 	Tel: +34 934 134 015
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padro at lsi.upc.edu <mailto:padro at lsi.upc.es>
www.lsi.upc.edu/~padro <http://www.lsi.upc.es/%7Epadro>
Dept. Llenguatges i Sistemes Informàtics <http://www.lsi.upc.es>
TALP <http://www.talp.upc.es> Research Center

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