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Nguyen Manh Tho tho at ifs.tuwien.ac.at
Tue Jul 8 10:41:02 CEST 2008

Appologize for the cross posting, please forward those information to anyone 
who interest to attend the conference. 

 ----------------------------- CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS 
10th International Conference on Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery 
(DaWaK '08)
                             Turin, 1-5 September, 2008
DaWaK (Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery) series reach 10th age this 
 From 121 full submitted papers out of 143 submitted abstracts, we accept 
only 40 papers,
make the acceptance rate of 33,05%. The DaWaK program (include presentations 
from 40 accepted
papers, 1 invited talk and discussions) will start with topics on Data 
Warehousing, and then
continue with Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery topics. The detail program 
is already available
at DEXA website 

We are looking forward to welcome you in Turin. 


DaWaK '08 Chair 

Il Yeol Song, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA
Johann Eder, University of Klagenfurt, Austria
Tho Manh Nguyen, Vienna University of Technology, Austria 

Programme of 10th International Conference on Data Warehousing and Knowledge 
Discovery (DaWaK '08 )
2008-09-02 [09:15-09:30] : DaWaK 2008 Opening 

2008-09-02 [09:30-11:00] : Session 1: Conceptual Design & Modeling
UML-Based Modeling for What-If Analysis
Matteo Golfarelli, Stefano Rizzi 

Model-driven OLAP Metadata from the Conceptual Models of Data Warehouses
Jesús Pardillo, Jose-Norberto Mazón, Juan Trujillo 

An MDA Approach for the Development of Spatial Data Warehouses
Octavio Glorio , Juan Trujillo 

2008-09-02 [11:30-13:00] : Session 2: OLAP & Cube Processing
Built-in indicators to discover interesting drill paths in a cube
Jerôme Cubillé, Véronique Cariou, Christian Derquenne, Sabine Goutier, 
Françoise Guisnel, Henri Klajnmic 

Upper Borders for Emerging Cubes
Sébastien NEDJAR, Alain CASALI, Rosine CICCHETTI, Lotfi LAKHAL 

An Aggregation Function for XML Document OLAP Analysis
Franck Ravat, Olivier Teste, Ronan Tournier, Gilles Zurfluh 

2008-09-02 [14:30-16:00] : Session 3: Distributed Data Warehouse
Summarizing Distributed Data Streams for storage in Data Warehouses
Chiky Raja, Hebrail Georges 

Efficient Data Distribution for DWS
Raquel Almeida, Jorge Vieira, Marco Vieira, Henrique Madeira, Jorge 

Horizontal Partitioning in Data Warehouse: Hardness Study, Selection 
Algorithms and Validation on ORACLE10G
Kamel Boukhalfa, Ladjel Bellatreche, Pascal Richard 

2008-09-02 [16:30-18:00] : Session 4: Data Privacy in Data Warehouse
A Robust Sampling-based Framework for Privacy Preserving OLAP
Alfredo Cuzzocrea, Vincenzo Russo, Domenico Sacc� 

Generalization-based Privacy-Preserving Data Collection
Lijie Zhang, Weining Zhang 

Processing Aggregate Queries on Spatial Data
Wo-Shun Luk, Kenneth Choi 

2008-09-03 [09:00-10:00] : DaWaK Invited Talk (Mukesh Mohania) 

2008-09-03 [11:00-12:30] : Session 5: Data Warehouse and Data Mining
Efficient Incremental Maintenance of Derived and Computed Relations in 
Bioinformatics Data Warehouses
Gabriela Turcu, Svetlozar Nestorov, Ian Foster 

Mining Conditional Cardinality Patterns for Data Warehouse Query 
Mikolaj Morzy, Marcin Krystek 

Up and Down: Mining Multidimensional Sequential Patterns Using Hierarchies
Marc Plantevit, Anne Laurent, Maguelonne Teisseire 

2008-09-03 [14:30-16:00] : Session 6: Clustering I
Efficient K-means Clustering Using Accelerated Graphics Processors
S.A. Arul Shalom, Manoranjan Dash, Minh Tue 

Extracting knowledge from life courses: clustering and visualization
Nicolas Séverin Müller, Alexis Gabadinho, Gilbert Ritschard, Matthias 

A Hybrid Clustering Algorithm based on Multi-Swarm Constriction PSO and 
Yannis Marinakis, Magdalene Marinaki, Nikolaos Matsatsinis 

2008-09-03 [16:30-18:00] : Session 7: Clustering II
Personalizing Navigation in Folksonomies Using Hierarchical Tag Clustering
Jonathan Gemmell, Andriy Shepitsen, Bamshad Mobasher, Robin Burke 

Clustered Dynamic Conditional Correlation Multivariate GARCH Model
Tu Zhou, Laiwan Chan 

Document Clustering by Semantic Smoothing and Dynamic Growing Cell Structure 
(DynGCS) for Biomedical Literature
Min Song, Xiaohua Hu, Eric Koppel, Illhoi Yoo 

2008-09-04 [09:00-11:00] : Session 8: Mining Data Streams
Mining Serial Episode Rules with Time Lags over Multiple Data Streams
Tung-Ying Lee, En Tzu Wang, Arbee L.P. Chen 

Efficient Approximate Mining of Frequent Pattterns over Transactional Data 
Willie Ng, Manoranjan Dash 

Continuous Trend-Based Clustering in Data Streams
Maria Kontaki, Apostolos Papadopoulos, Yannis Manolopoulos 

Mining Multidimensional Sequential Patterns over Data Streams
Chedy Raïssi, Marc Plantevit 

2008-09-04 [11:30-13:00] : Session 9: Classification
Towards a Model Independent Method for Explaining Classification for 
Individual Instances
Erik � trumbelj, Igor Kononenko 

Selective pre-processing of imbalanced data for improving classification 
Jerzy Stefanowski, Szymon Wilk 

A Parameter-Free Associative Classification Method
Loic Cerf, Dominique Gay, Nazha Selmaoui, Jean-Francois Boulicaut 

2008-09-04 [14:30-16:00] : Session 10: Text Mining & Taxonomy I
The Evaluation of Sentence Similarity Measures
Palakorn Achananuparp, Xiaohua Hu, Shen Xiajiong 

Labeling Nodes of Automatically Generated Taxonomy for Multi-type Relational 
Tao Li, Sarabjot Anand 

Towards Automatic Construction of Conceptual Taxonomies
Rosa Meo, Dino Ienco 

2008-09-04 [16:30-18:00] : Session 11: Text Mining & Taxonomy II
Adapting LDA model to discover author-topic relations for email analysis
Liqiang Geng, Hao Wang, Xin Wang, Larry Korba 

A new semantic representation for short texts
María J. Martín-Bautista, Sandro Martínez-Folgoso, María-Amparo Vila 

Document-base Extraction for Single-label Text Classification
Yanbo J. Wang, Robert Sanderson, Frans Coenen, Paul Leng 

2008-09-05 [09:30-11:00] : Session 12: Machine Learning Techniques
How an Ensemble Method can Compute a Comprehensible Model
Amparo Ruiz Sepulveda, José Luis Triviño Rodriguez, Rafael Morales Bueno 

Empirical Analysis of Reliability Estimates for Individual Regression 
Zoran Bosnic, Igor Kononenko 

User Defined Partitioning - Group Data based on Computation Model
Qiming Chen, Meichun Hsu 

2008-09-05 [11:30-13:00] : Session 13: Data Mining Applications
Workload-Aware Histograms for Remote Applications
Tanu Malik, Randal Burns 

Is a voting approach accurate for opinion mining?
Michel Plantie, Mathieu Roche, Gerard Dray, Pascal Poncelet 

Mining Sequential Patterns with Negative Conclusions
Przemyslaw Kazienko

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