[Elsnet-list] Trento: PhD Positions In Language Interaction and Computation

Marco Baroni marco.baroni at unitn.it
Mon Jun 30 17:45:43 CEST 2008

(Apologies for multiple postings)

Center for Mind / Brain Sciences, University of Trento
PhD Positions In Language Interaction and Computation

The Center for Mind/Brain Sciences is a newly created institute at the
University of Trento devoted to the study of cognition from an
interdisciplinary perspective, with researchers in areas including
neuroscience, linguistics, computer science, and psychology:


The Language, Interaction and Computation Laboratory of the Center,


will have a number of PhD positions available for 2008/09 in the
following areas:

1) interpretation of anaphoric expressions/coreference

2) visual and linguistic salience and the interpretation of referring

3) computational acquisition of lexical and commonsense knowledge and
    its implications for cognitive science (including clinical

4) syntax and semantics of grammatical features: theoretical and
    empirical models

In order to have specific information on the funded projects in these
areas and how to apply, please contact as soon as possible:

- Massimo Poesio (massimo.poesio at unitn.it) for 1) and 2)
- Marco Baroni (marco.baroni at unitn.it) for 3)
- Roberto Zamparelli (roberto.zamparelli at unitn.it) for 4)

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